10 Maintenance Tips For Your Garden’s Heavy Equipment

A beautiful garden can require a lot of your time, effort, and resources. Many homeowners and garden enthusiasts invest in heavy equipment for gardening, such as lawn mowers, tractors, and power tillers, to do work as efficient as possible.


While having such equipment does make gardening smooth compared to manual labor, you also need to maintain and care for them properly. Without those, they can be dangerous to use and costly for repairs.

It is essential to follow the best practices for maintaining your garden's equipment. Get to know the tell-tale signs of trouble and address the issue as soon as you can. You also need to identify heavy equipment replacement parts when necessary to optimize performance, as well as store it properly during the off-season.

Here are the fundamental ways of taking care of your garden's heavy equipment.

Lawn Mower


The lawn mower's average lifespan is about six years, but with proper maintenance, yours can last longer.

Here are the first four maintenance tips for your garden’s heavy equipment:

1. First, you need to do some preventative measures. Try to clear the lawn from stones, hard debris, stumps, and other debris to prevent damage to the mower's blades.

2. It also helps to adequately lubricate the lawn mower so that it works in optimal performance. Don't under lubricate or over lubricate as it can damage the engine and cause the formation of air bubbles.

3. Also, check the pull-start cord for any sign of damage. If it is frayed or destroyed, don't think twice about replacing your heavy equipment parts for your garden right away. It's better to spend a little on new parts than using the dangerous, and perhaps costly, consequences of negligence later on.

4. For best results, invest in sharpening the blades of the mower at least once each gardening season. Sharper blades produce nice and evenly cut grass.

Power Tiller

garden tiller

Continuing the countdown, power tillers should be taken good care also.

It is one of the most hardworking equipment you’ll have. But as it quickly and efficiently turns over soil, it is also regularly exposed to mud, rocks, and dirt that practicing basic maintenance is a must to extend its lifespan.

Here’s the fifth up to the seventh tip for equipment maintenance:

5. Remember to keep the tiller clean after each use. Remove the rocks, mud and other debris that may have accumulated between the tines, keeping them sharp and powerful enough to till the soil.

6. Additionally, you want to clean the air filter regularly. The air filter performs a crucial job – preventing dirt and debris from making their way to the carburetor. Schedule cleaning at least once before you start the gardening season.

7. It is also essential to routinely degrease the stains, lubricate the tines and replace the fuel filter. Before storing, empty the gas tank by running it dry or adding fuel stabilizer. Store the power tiller in a clean and dry place, ideally away from sunlight.

Lawn Tractor

lawn tractor

The lawn tractor is probably the most massive gardening heavy equipment you’ll own and taking it to the repair shop can be a struggle. But you can do simple and regular upkeep to keep the tractor working efficiently and avoid paying thousands of dollars on repairs.

Listed below are the remaining three tips for maintaining your heavy equipment in good condition:

8. First, check the spark plugs. Worn out spark plugs can cause poor fuel economy, damage to the engine and even misfires. Spark plugs are cheap spare parts and regularly replacing them can save you from a lot of troubles along the way.

9. Before the gardening season, make sure that the tires in prime condition. It is also advised to remove or scrape off clippings under the mower deck. Allowing the debris to collect and build up can cause damages to the pulleys and belts.

10. Finally, make sure to "fog" the engine with an aerosol spray before the tractor hibernates during winter. Fogging gets rid of unused engine oil, which if left neglected, can lead to corrosion. Carefully remove the spark plugs before fogging and then reinstall right after.

Final Thoughts

You put a lot of work in your garden to achieve a stunning landscape, healthy lawn and foliage and beautiful blooms. Thankfully, there is heavy equipment for gardening that will do most of the work.

Getting those types of equipment might be a little expensive, but it will be worth it. By performing routine maintenance on your lawn mower, tractor, and tiller, you can keep them in their mint shape and top performance as well as prevent costly repairs.

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