5 Masonry Features That Merge Form and Function

Various hardscape features are essential for comfortable and convenient outdoor living. Their durability and visual appeal will determine how often they require repair or replacement.


High-quality masonry by an expert craftsman is a worthwhile investment and will reward you with stunning, functional structures that withstand the test of time. Here are five examples of these structures:

Fire Features

outdoor fireplace

The function of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is familiar and comforting, as it will provide warmth and light on dark, chilly evenings. However, its form holds equal importance in an outdoor living space, as it is the kind of structure that attracts one’s eye.

Professional stone craftsmanship can give your outdoor fireplace and its surroundings a refined, sophisticated appearance. It also adds loads of character to the feature, ensuring that it remains one-of-a-kind despite the number of other outdoor fireplaces in the neighborhood.

Water Features


Water features serve to soften outdoor living spaces and make them more relaxing while providing a dynamic visual focal point. They achieve a serene atmosphere by creating the captivating sounds of water trickling and crashing.

The sounds created depend on the type of water feature behind them. The height from which water cascades and the material with which it collides determine the quality and drama of the sounds.

Natural stone with minimal water absorptive capabilities is an excellent material to work with when constructing a water feature as it complements the raw organic nature of cool, moving water.

Retaining Walls and Pillars


Retaining walls are incredibly popular in hardscapes due to their multifunctional nature. Not only can they be used to organize and neaten slopes, but they can also be used as seat walls or as dividers between different outdoor rooms.

Their prevalence in landscape designs has called for great attention to be paid to their appearance. High-quality masonry is the best way to ensure that your reliable retaining walls are beautiful, too, and complement the rest of your outdoor living space.



A brick or stone walkway can enhance the aesthetic theme of your landscape, depending on how it is executed. The devil is in the details and, similarly, the layout and material composition of the walkways that creep over your landscape are important to its overall design.

Winding brick walkways that pass between trees and allow the groundcover to hug their edges can give your landscape an inviting, fairytale-like appearance. Large stone slabs in a classic running bond laying pattern, on the other hand, convey a sense of sophistication and refinement that can make a landscape look more formal.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

As one of the most functional additions to landscape design, outdoor kitchens make full immersion in outdoor living possible. They ensure that trips indoors are few and far between by making a wide variety of food and drinks available at arm’s reach.

Counters encasing convenient appliances can be built from stunning stonework or sleek concrete units to make an outdoor kitchen as eye-catching as it is handy. A beautiful outdoor kitchen will allow you to savor the tasks of grilling meat and serving drinks, while attracting guests to keep you company as you work.

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