Welcome To HumidGarden.com!

​Hi, I am Laura Bennett and Humid Garden is my blog. I am a graduate of Horticulture and I love nature especially when it comes to flowers and different kinds of plants. I have been a blogger for some years now.

Why Did I Start Humid Garden?

I started a very small garden behind my house and I named it Humid Garden. Every morning I will go down there and make sure the plants are safe from harm and I would end up laying by the beautiful flowers pots.

I have always loved the feeling of nature around me that’s one reason why I put a garden in my house to care for these plants. I watched the neighbor next door how she never knew what to do when something goes wrong with a plant and then the idea of starting Humid Garden came in, as an extension of the garden at my backyard.

Vision of Humid Garden

I have created this personal blog to provide aspiring and inspiring thoughts about gardening. Being a Gardener has been my passion since my childhood both outdoor and indoor; including annuals, perennials, houseplants, vegetables, succulents, and tropical.

The vision of this blog is to teach the world the practical tips of gardening. My blog is a source of information and education for advanced gardeners and beginner gardeners, giving them good quality gardening information. My aim is to educate and learn, communicate and share, and create a great network for neighbors and friends that share the same passion for gardening like I do.

This blog will also be a catalyst for so many exciting experiences and encounters. One of my greatest visions for this blog is that it becomes one of the large online resources which gardeners and anyone who has the intention of keeping a garden can make use of when there is a need for a solution in difficult time.

I hope you enjoy the blog post and find them very informative and useful for your regular gardening. Do feel free to get in touch with me and leave a comment through my contact page. And I will also like to know if there is something you feel I need to talk about on this blog!



August, 2016