The Benefits of a Cloche for Growing Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables is no easy task but the reward is worth the hard work that comes with it. Indeed, if you wish to take your passion more seriously, it could be worth investing in cloches, fruit cages and polytunnels. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on their uses and their applications.


Why Should You Use a Cloche for Your Garden?


A garden cloche is the perfect way to protect your precious fruits and vegetables from the harsh weather and pests. If you've never had a vegetable garden, we have to warn you, it can be hard at times to deal with all sorts of greedy pests such as wood pigeons, snails/slugs, beetles, cats and even rabbits.

Fruit and veg cages and cloches are the perfect protection against them using polythene, anti-bird net or windbreak/shade net. They’re not difficult to put together and are pretty portable and removable, you can place them on a veg patch but also on a flower bed.

Different Types of Cloches


Polythene cloches: These mini polytunnels are ideal to retain the heat and protect your plants from the rain and frost.

Shade net cloches: These cloches are strong and robust utilizing a windbreak netting to protect your most vulnerable plants. Ideal for strong sunlight, wind and rain. You can find cloches capable of providing 40% shade and 50% wind reduction at Premier Polytunnels.

Anti-bird net cloches: Some birds can be very greedy and hard to get rid of, so why not protect young leaves and fruit with a cloche. Built with a very strong, knitted net, these cloches are designed to prevent small birds from getting in but also prevent them from becoming tangled in the net.

Fruit & Veg cages: Perfect to protect your vegetables and fruits against ground-dwelling pests such as rabbits, deer or cats. Covered with a strong knitted net, these fruit cages are perfect if you live near a lot of wildlife.

Individual cloche hoops: These hoops are made to simply screw together and therefore create your own garden tunnels to cover whatever you prefer.

To summarise, having a cloche can be extremely useful when you have to deal with pests such as insects or birds. It’s a great way to protect your vegetables and fruits and not have to worry about them until it’s time to harvest.

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