Best Bow Saw 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It’s no secret that many people love owning chainsaws. They certainly do make quick work of taking down medium to large size trees. The only problem with chainsaws is they are not designed to be used on smaller sized wood cutting projects such as pruning trees and getting rid of young trees. This is when owning a good bow saw comes in very handy.


That is the reason why every do it yourself type person should have the best bow saw they can buy in their tool inventory.

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The Versatility of the Bow Saw

Bow Saw

Many people think that bow saws can only be used to do such things as cut down young trees that are green or quickly remove stalky type shrubs but they have many more uses than that.

They are so versatile that before electric power tools became the norm bow saws were used by craftsman to make entire pieces of furniture. It was the perfect tool because you can make so many different cuts with them.

Check out this informational video to see how to best use a bow saw.

It is a tool that is used to make fast, aggressive cuts in wood. A bow saw works best on wood that is 6 inches in diameter or less. Since it makes an aggressive cut it is best used in situations where you do not need a smooth edge on a piece of wood after cutting it.

Here are some of the types of cuts that bow saws can easily handle making:


This is when you cut a piece of wood across its grain. An example of this when you cut a piece of wood from a log to make firewood.


This is when you make a cut in a piece of wood parallel to the grain. An example of this is when you cut the length of a board in half.

Dovetailing Cuts

This is when you cut grooves in the end of a board so they interlock with the same type of grooves on the end of another board. These cuts are commonly used to do such things as build a set of drawers.

Mortise and Tenon Joint Cuts

These are cuts made so that you can build a sturdy frame out of tow joined pieces of wood. The bow saw is used to cut both a male and female end that will interlock into each other.

It will take several different types of sawing machines to make the same cuts you can easily make by hand with just one simple bow saw. It truly is one of the most versatile and handy saws you can have in your tool inventory.

Advantages to Owning and Using a Bow Saw

There are a lot of reasons to own a bow saw. Not only can it make a lot of useful cuts but it can also help you do many different types of tasks around your home. Here are some of the advantages to owning a bow saw:

1. They Are Very Inexpensive


For a tool that works as well and is as versatile they are a very inexpensive tool to add to your collection. Often times the best tube saws can be purchased for less than $30.

That is a small price to pay for a tool that is this useful. It is one of the main reasons why that most people will add a bow saw to their tool collection.

2. They Are Lightweight and Simple to Use


These types of saws are made out of tubular steel. That means they are hollow in the middle which makes them very light weight.

They are also a tool that once you use them a few times and get used to the proper sawing technique they are very simple to use. The sharp course blade on them easily rips through just about any type of wood.

3. They Are a Sturdy and Durable Tool


We just mentioned bow saws are usually made out of tubular steel. That makes them not only lightweight but it also makes them very durable.

The blades on them lock in place easily and they very seldom need to be replaced because they stay so taught. It is not uncommon for tool owners to never have to replace the first bow saw that they purchase.


4. They Are Easy to Store

Although a bow saw cannot fit in most tool boxes it is still a very easy to store tool. They don’t take up much space on a work bench or in the trunk of your car.

The best thing about them is if you place them on a hook on the wall you will barely notice they are there until it is time to use your bow saw again.

5. They Don’t Need Electricity


Bow saws are a great tool to take on the go with you. Maybe you need to do something like remove some dead branches on the trees at your parents place.

With a bow saw there is no dragging around electrical cords or bringing a gas can with you to do the job.

With this lightweight tool all you need to do is put it in your vehicle and then when you get to your work site it is ready to use as soon as you take it out of your vehicle again.

Handy Bow Saw Buying Guide

Here are some key features to look for when shopping for a bow saw that almost every quality bow saw has:


Tubular Construction

You need to apply a lot of pressure on a piece of wood when you are sawing through it with a bow saw. Steel tubular construction makes a bow saw tough and durable. A good tubular design also makes it easier to hold and use your bow saw too.


Hardened Steel Blades

These are blades that don’t break easily. They are essential when making course cuts through wood that is green in nature. Hardened steel blades can also withstand having the tension cranked up on them and stay sharper longer too.


Blade Tension Adjustment

Not every cut you make with a bow saw requires maximum tension on the blade. That is why having a quick blade tensioning adjustment feature on a bow saw is a great thing to have.


Ergonomic Design

You want your bow saw to be comfortable when using it so you can work for a long time without getting sore muscles and becoming tired. A good ergonomic design will help you work longer and more comfortably.


Knuckle Protecting Handle

This is a really nice feature to have on a bow saw. It will not only make your bow saw easier to use but will also protect you from painfully banging your knuckles on a piece of wood if you slip.


Quick Blade Change Feature

Over time if you saw through enough green and wet wood your blade will weaken and eventually break. This type of device will allow you to put a new one on quickly so you don’t lose much work time.

Reviews of the Best Bow Saws

Here are some in depth reviews on some of the premier bow saws you will find in the tool marketplace.

Bahco 30-Inch 10-30-23 Ergo Bow Saw


Too put it bluntly this is probably one of the best designed bow saws that you will ever come across. It just does so many types of cutting well and it can even handle sawing slightly larger diameter pieces of logs than most other bow saws can. We were pretty impressed with this model bow saw to say the least.

Part of the reason it is better than many other model bow saws is that it is longer. It is a full 30 inches long which means you can cut easier because you will use longer strokes. This model bow saw also has a uniquely designed tensioning device for the blade too. It enables you to take more flex out of the blade which will result in much straighter and easier cuts.

This bow saw cuts through small diameter green wood like a hot knife through butter. Because of its light weight you can also saw for a long time with it without getting tired. It also has a grip that is designed to protect your lead hand as you saw with it. You never have to worry about banging your knuckles on a piece of wood as you are using it.

It’s a bow saw that will last you a long time also. Its main body is made of very durable tubular steel and all the other parts on it are high quality too.


  • A full 30 inches in length
  • Unique tension setting device
  • Superior quality parts used in its construction
  • Easy sawing enables you to work longer
  • Ergonomic handle with knuckle guard


  • Does not store in a tool box
  • Can be too big to use in tight spaces
Fiskars 21-Inch 7029 Bow Saw


Fiskars has designed a really good working bow saw that you can buy for a very affordable price. It works amazingly well for a bow saw that is only 21 inches long. It cuts easily through thick shrubs, small diameter wood and even green tree branches. It is a very useful tool to have around your home.

Among its better features are its hardened steel blade and extremely durable tubular steel construction. It is also a lightweight saw that cuts true thanks to its adjustable tensioning bar.

It is also a good looking model bow saw that stores very easily due to its smaller size. This saw will even fit in the bottom of some larger tool boxes. Throw in a lifetime warranty and you have a nice bow saw product here.


  • Efficient 21 inch length
  • Hardened and rust resistant steel blade
  • Very durable tubular construction
  • Perfect for pruning
  • Designed to be very lightweight


  • More time is required for sawing large diameter wood
  • Slightly uncomfortable to use without gloves
Truper 21-Inch 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw


Here is another really good 21 inch bow saw. Its compact size makes it very easy to use even for persons that are small in stature. This saw slices through even tough pieces of wood and logs very easily.

This bow saw also seemed to be very durable to us. It has a little thicker steel tubing than some of the other model bow saws we reviewed and this also seems to make it easier to hold and use.

Among its nicer features is the adjustable blade tensioning device that it has on it. This also makes changing the blade on it very simple too. This is a nice all-around design that has produced and efficient and affordable bow saw.


  • 21 inch length great for working in tight quarters
  • Quick change blade feature
  • Thick tubular construction for long life
  • Easy blade tension adjustment
  • Excellent price point


  • A little more effort is required for sawing large diameter wood
  • It’s very wide so it does not store in a tool box
GreatNeck 36 Inch BB36 Bow Saw


Here is yet another really nice bow saw and it is made by a reputable tool company called Great Neck. This is one of the best companies to by these types of tools from. Everything they make is really top notch when it comes to saw products.

This is really a heavy duty bow saw. It is 36 inches long which makes it the longest one on our top review list. That means you can tackle sawing some pretty thick logs and other types of wood with this bow saw.

It is a bow saw that also gives you a quick change capability and extremely strong steel tube framework. The blade on it is made of very good hardened steel and rarely if ever requires sharpening.


  • Heavy duty 36 inch length
  • Added hand guard feature
  • Very durable tubular construction
  • Wire stripping feature
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Does not store as easily as smaller bow saws
  • Can be a little cumbersome for smaller stature persons to use
Gilmour 21-Inch 521 Bow Saw


Last but certainly not least is this Gilmour bow saw. This one is a little smaller than most of the bow saws we have reviewed. That makes it an excellent bow saw to use when working in tight quarters.

This bow saw has a very ergonomic design to it also. The pointed nose on it requires a little different sawing motion to be used with it than you use with other style bow saws but it works great once you get used to it.

Among the other nice features on this well-designed saw are its very comfortably shaped design and the quick blade change ability you get with it. The blade tension can also be easily adjusted to help you with different types of cuts. It is a bow saw that cuts fast and smooth and you will not be disappointed with it if you purchase it.


  • Efficient 21 inch length
  • Hardened and rust resistant steel blade
  • Strong tubular construction
  • Blade tension adjustment
  • Ergonomically designed


  • A little more effort is required for sawing large diameter wood
  • Pointed nose design takes a little getting used to

The Winner is...

All of the bow saws that we reviewed are really good products and would make an excellent addition to any tool kit. With that being said there was one that really stood out among all of them. That was the Bahco 30-Inch 10-30-23 Ergo Bow Saw.

There were just so many features that this model bow saw gives you. It has the 30 inch length which makes sawing easier and the protective hand grip too. Even the tensioning setting on this bow saw made the blade seem a lot stiffer than some of the blades on the other model bow saws. Everyone here was just really impressed with all that this model bow saw can do for you.

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