Best Brush Cutter 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Weed eaters typically do most of the jobs that we need on a regular basis. Sometimes, we have a job that is just too hard for a normal weed eater.

A jungle backyard or property with steep slopes requires the power of a brush cutter. Once you find the best brush cutter for you, those jobs will be finished in no time at all.


A brush cutter is an investment. They cost a good deal of money, and you want to make sure you get the right choice for your needs. Take a look at your circumstances.

Do you typically need a cutter because your property has thick grass or does your property have a thick woody area? A brush cutter will get the job done, while a string trimmer will run out of steam.

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Important Features to Want in a Brush Cutter

Brush Cutter

Your brush cutter has to be reliable and perform your dirty work. No one wants to invest in a machine that breaks easily. A brush cutter is supposed to make your life easier, not make you stress out because it fails frequently. Here are some things to check before you purchase.



Cutting down brush takes time. You have to carry the brush cutter with you, potentially for hours. The last thing you want is a brush cutter that weighs too much. It will end up being a pain in the back and arms to hold it, especially if you have any steep slopes or hillsides on your property.


Type of Engine

The next consideration is that type of engine used in the brush cutter. Two types of engines you commonly find are two cycle and four cycle engines. You can see a video on how to use a gas brush cutter here.

Two Cycle Engines dominate the brush cutter world. Two cycle engines tend to weigh less, a bonus if you think you will carry it for a long time. These cutters are also smaller than other choices.

Four Cycle Engines have positives and negative as well. You just simply put gasoline into their engines, eliminating an annoying step. Many homeowners find the four-cycle engine is more convenient to use. Four cycle engines are better for the environment because they put out less emissions into the air.

There are some negatives to the four cycle engine brush cutters. They are heavier than your average choice. If you have a large property or need to use it on a steep slope, the additional weight will make it harder on your body.


Shaft Shape

Straight Shaft Brush Cutter

There are two different types of shaft styles when you look at brush cutters. The most common choice is a straight shaft. People like them because you have increased flexibility with them. It is easier to detail an area with a straight shaft.

On the other hand, a curved shaft is more comfortable for long-term usage. If you are a professional who uses a brush cutter on a daily basis, a curved shaft could be a better choice simply because they are often easier to carry and lightweight.


Change Heads

A huge factor for many people is the type of head on each model. The current trend is that homeowners prefer a quick change hard. They seem easier to use, but quick change heads tend to break more often. It is better off if you learn how to change the cutting element. You can change blades within a few minutes.



Two Handles Brush Cutter

Do you want to have one or two handles on your brush cutter? It is essential to have at least one as you try to handle the machinery. If your brush cutter comes with two handles, there is probably a harness as well.

Most people use a brush cutter with one handle. They are easy to use, but you must be more careful with the one handle cutters. Two handles will give you additional stability while moving the brush cutter across the weeds. It is truly a matter of preference. There is no right or wrong choice!


Ease of Use

Is it easy to turn the machine on and off? It is great when companies create technology to make it easier to turn on the brush cutter. Gas motors can be complicated as you have to plug the choke multiple times.



Brush Guard

Is there anything that will protect you from the flying debris? Some brush cutters include large or small brush guard. You might also want to see if the company installed any safety feature to ensure there are no accidents.

Gas or Electric?

Gas Brush Cutter

One thing to note is that there are gas and electric powered brush cutters. Electric brush cutters are quiet and more eco-friendly, even more than the four stroke gas engines. Their design allows the user to maneuver easily and maintain the machine.

However, electrically powered brush cutters aren’t as strong as the gas powered ones. They are better for homeowners with medium sized yards who need the cutter for regular weeds and grass. It has to be plugged in use, so you are limited by the length of the power cord.

Gas powered brush cutters are larger, heavier and louder. They require gasoline (and sometimes oil). If you want power and have a difficult job ahead, this type of cutter is what you need. It can power through nearly anything.

5 Choices for the Best Brush Cutter

1. Remington RM2700 Ranchero 27cc 2-Cycle Brush Cutter

Remington RM2700 Ranchero 27cc 2-Cycle Brush Cutter


The Ranchero cuts through thick grass like butter. It has a strong, 27cc engine, but it is still lightweight and easy to carry around your yard.


  • The Ranchero has a 27cc, two-cycle, full crank engine. It is strong enough to last through your most difficult projects.
  • It features a straight shaft, making it easy to get under bushes easily. You want this feature if you have lots of things to cut underneath.
  • Remington equipped the Ranchero with Quick Start technology. You don’t have to worry about pulling the cord repeatedly with no success.
  • You can use it as a string trimmer; all you need to do is change the head that comes included with the package.
  • There are multiple attachments available for the brush cutter includes a blower, pole saw edger and cultivator.
  • Remington includes a two-year limited warranty on their brush cutter.


  • The major negative for the Remington Ranchero is that it weighs 14.5 pounds before you add in gasoline. It is the heaviest choice on the list, which is a problem if you have to carry it for hours at a time.
  • While it is easy to convert to a string trimmer, it requires you to change the entire head, and that takes time.

2. Hitachi CG22EAP2SL 21.1cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered String Trimmer/Brush Cutter

Hitachi CG22EAP2SL 21.1cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered String Trimmer/Brush Cutter


Hitachi makes some of the best trimmers and lawn equipment on the market, and you can trust their products. What stands out the most is their superb engines. You truly cannot find anything better, regarding engine design and strength.

This model is a string trimmer and brush cutter together. It allows homeowners to have one product that can do both jobs, lessening some products you need to buy.


  • The engine is a 21.1cc PureFire that meets all federal standards for pollution.
  • It weighs 11 pounds. Once you add in fuel, it is still considerably less than some other models on the market. You should have no issues carrying it throughout your property.
  • It features a steel, straight shaft that measures 60 inches long. The design will last for years, due to the materials used. Also, Hitachi found a way to reduce the amount of vibrations you feel as you work.
  • Starting up the Hitachi brush cutter is easy because they used an S-Start system. It is an easy way to start up your engine, reducing how hard you need to pull on the cord. If you can’t stand the annoying process of starting up a brush cutter, this will solve the problem.


  • At times, the string feeder has issues feeding out the line.
  • There is a strap that is supposed to make it more comfortable to use, but it could be longer for maximum comfort for everyone.

3. Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brush Cutter

Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brush Cutter


Troy Bilt is another popular, trustworthy brand of lawn and garden machinery. The TB42 will take down dense weeds with little effort, just like slicing through butter! It does have a unique feature, a detachable engine that a be used with other attachments such as a pole saw.


  • There are over ten different attachments you can use with the Troy-Bilt TB42. While all of the attachments are sold separately, it gives you freedom and versatility.
  • It features one of the strongest engines on the list, featuring a full crank engine.
  • Troy Bilt uses JumpStart technology that eliminates the need for you to pull on a cord to get the cutter started.
  • One of the unique features is the adjustable, J-shaped handle that gives you additional control, no matter if you are right or left handed.
  • When you have to conquer heavy brush, there is an 8-inch, 4-tooth steel brush blade.


  • While it isn’t super heavy, it weighs 14 pounds empty. Some people would opt for a lighter brush cutter.
  • The tool to change blades isn’t included so that it could be a tricky situation at first.

4. Poulan Pro PP28RJ 28cc Straight Shaft Brush Cutter

Poulan Pro PP28RJ 28cc Straight Shaft Brush Cutter


The Poulan Pro is a great purchase if you want the best brush cutter because it includes six different tools in one item. Purchasing the Poulan Pro saves you money because you only have to buy one item for all of those tasks.


  • You can easily change out the attachments due to their Quick Connect attachment system. It won’t take hours to change out the tools.
  • It has a 28cc, two-cycle engine. The chrome cylinder will allow the engine to last for years to come.
  • The Poulan Pro has a straight shaft, allowing you the ability to cut around corners easily.
  • Starting the Poulan Pro is easy due to their SureFire starting system. It makes starting the brush cutter easy from the start. You don’t have to stand there, yanking on the cord a dozen times.
  • When you want to use it as a string trimmer, all you need to do is tap the head to feed more line, making it very easy to use.
  • Poulan set an appealing price, easy on the budget.


  • It weighs just slightly more than a few other options, coming in at 12 pounds dry. It doesn’t feel like a huge difference, but the weight could be a deciding factor.

5. Husqvarna 223R 17-inch 25cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Brush Cutter

Husqvarna 223R 17-inch 25cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Brush Cutter


Husqvarna is one of the largest companies for lawn equipment. Their gas powered brush cutter is powerful and will cut through whatever you put in its way, cutting a large 17-inch path.


  • It has two handles and a double harness that adds stability while you cut brush. The handlebars are angled.
  • There is a combination guard for the heads to prevent debris from hitting you.• Vibrations can be hard to handle when cutting brush for long periods. Their LowVib system helps to reduce all of the vibrations.
  • The trimmer head features a semi-automatic head.
  • Starting the Husqvarna brush cutter is easy with the Start Smart technology. It reduces the amount of effort you need to put towards starting it.
  • An air purge system removes air from the carburetor, making it even easier to start the brush cutter.


  • The instructions make assembly hard; it might take a few hours to get it together.
  • It takes more time to get used to working this machine than the other choices due to the design and handlebars.


Finding the best brush cutter can be hard! There are so many great choices on the market, but there is a clear winner. Hitachi makes one of the best gas powered brush cutters on the market. It is easy to use, powerful, and reliable.

The reviews are perfect, and homeowners love it. When you purchase it, you know you are getting your money’s worth. It features a straight, solid shaft and weighs only 11 pounds.

Do you have a favorite brush cutter? We would love to know what you use!

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