Best Garden Tiller 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you are new to gardening, then this is the tool you will need for the proper planting of the seeds on the farm or garden. A garden tiller is a mechanized tool that uses an engine that spins the metal tines important for uprooting the weeds and still loosens the soil.

These activities are important for the seeds to germinate easily and at the same time give the plants in the garden to grow without the competition from the weeds.


Let's get started exploring the best options for you.

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Types of Garden Tillers

The garden tillers are designed differently from different manufacturers, but they often do the same job. Below are some of the common types of garden tillers you can expect to see on the market today.

1. Cultivator Tillers

These tillers will have adequate power to handle some slightly tougher jobs in your garden. Such machines are designed to have their tines mounted in the front.

The work of these tines is to simply till no other type of job in the garden. As you can see, its applications could be quite limited than what most people would want on their lawns.

2. Front-Tine Tillers

Comparing them to cultivators, they are larger, meaning they come with more power and functionality. These tillers are designed to have a lot of power that can handle the large jobs that need more earth turned. The tines are still important to such type of machines.

They still use the tines for propulsion through the soil and pulling back. The tines are much larger as compared to those found in the cultivator. You will also get a bigger engine when it comes to using such type of machines.

3. Rear-Tine Tillers

They are powered with a big engine and their tines are mounted on the rear, not as the other types we saw earlier. To make them work even better, the manufacturer designed them to have the tilling instruments separate from a drive system for the machine.

The blades mounted on the model can be counter rotating or front rotating. The counter rotating blades will always be aggressive and the best for the tough jobs of digging up the hard soil.

4. Electrical Tillers

With everything going green now, you can expect machines to be considered too.

The manufacturers are now producing electric tillers.

As much as they are good for the environment, they do lack power when it comes to doing the tough job.

Here is a quick video on how you can use a garden tiller

Questions to Keep in Mind When Buying a Garden Tiller

1. How Large is The Lawn or Garden to Be Tilled?

How Large is The Lawn or Garden to Be Tilled

The tillers will have different amounts of power output that they can offer to the user. It is key to understand how much power is needed to till the lawn before going out to make the purchase.

For a small plot, you do not need to get the biggest and most powerful tiller. You would also not want to buy one that lacks power and can handle getting the job done correctly.

For those looking to use the tiller more often for tilling various types of garden plots, then it would be better just to get the more powerful machines.

2. What Type of Soil is in The Garden?

What Type of Soil is in The Garden

Lucky farmers would have the soft loamy soil to deal with, but if you are unlucky, the type of soil you will have to deal with would be stony or clay soil.

The clay soil often bakes when dry so making it even harder to till. For the tough soil such as clay soil, it is no brainer that you will have to get the high powered models to help handle the soil issues.

The soft loam soil should be easy to manipulate, so in this case you can just get the smaller model with front-mounted tines.

3. Is it a New Garden or Existing One?

Is it a New Garden or Existing One

Breaking new ground is tough on most tillers, you have to make the right decision in such a case. For a new garden, you will need to get the high powered model that can handle the hard soil.

An existing garden that needs simple maintenance will give you an easier choice in this case. You can go for a smaller model that would be just tilling the garden only when needed and if nothing major has to be done.

4. How Flexible is The New Tiller?

How Flexible is The New Tiller

The garden tillers are often designed to handle just one job, but they always do it very well. That is not always according to the needs of many farmers. Some might need a tool that can do multiple functions on the farms. This is where the tillers with additional room to attach multiple components come in.

Depending on how much flexibility you want, such tillers should be able to handle it with ease. You simply need to buy the garden attachments too when buying the machine just to make sure they can work when mounted.

5. What Budget Do You Have in Mind?

What Budget Do You Have in Mind?

The garden tillers will always be priced differently depending on the manufacturer and the features they can offer. You need to know more about what you will be getting with the tiller before making up your mind.

You can expect to get the cheap and expensive models on the market today, but which one do you need? There is no point of spending a lot of money on a product with unnecessary features you will not need.

Top-Rated Garden Tillers

VonHaus 12.5 Inch Electric Garden Cultivator


The robust steel tines included on this cultivator should be something that you love upon using it. The blades are made to be razor sharp so that it can easily power through the soil with a lot of ease.

With such blades, it should be easy to handle tasks such as preparing new gardens, breaking compacted soil, removing weeds, and leveling the ground.

You will not have to worry about the weeds coming up any time soon, as the model can be able to turn over the soil from a depth of 8.6 inches. The tiller will always ensure that the plants do not have to worry about weeds competing nutrients with them.

With the two handles well-spaced, you should have an easy time maneuvering the tiller from one corner to the other. Such a feature also helps with removing the weeds easily from the plantation without actually taking with you the plants in a line.


  • It comes with a lightweight design that is simple to use
  • The two handles included improve maneuverability
  • The model has a safety cut out switch to help the motor easily stop whenever needed to prevent any damages
  • The powerful 850W motor provides enough power to handle tough work in the garden
  • The cut out switch included in the model provides emergency protection


  • It might have razor sharp blades, but it is not a heavy duty tiller
  • The wheel bar feels flimsy and might break anytime
Earthwise 11-Inch TC70001 Corded Electric Tiller


Since it is electric, most people would think that it will lack the power they need to handle their affairs. That is not the case as the 8.5-amp motor is quite sufficient when it comes to delivering the power you need to handle most of the tilling needs you might have.

With a cutting depth of about 8 inches, it should be easy for you to handle the tilling needs in the garden.

The tiller has four great blade steel tines that you can use to handle the garden soil. The tines are however often seen to be great when using on already tilled land or existing garden and not for groundbreaking. The model can still be able to handle tilling though various gardens at a modest speed.


  • It comes with a lot of power important for tilling
  • No more dealing with the mess of gas or oil
  • Padded handle to promote comfort
  • Flip up and down wheels make it easy for transportation
  • Deeper cutting depth of 8 inches


  • It is not great for ground breaking new gardens
  • The model easily chokes to halt when with the weed in the tines
GardenTrax 4 Cycle Mini Cultivator


When people hear about a mechanized tiller, all they think about how easy would it be to control with the tines spinning around?

Well, the good news is that for this model, you should have an easy time controlling it with its top handle. You can now keep it in a row without using too much energy. For experienced users, they can easily control it by hand if it is for an existing garden.

The tiller is still made to be tough to handle various work thrown at it. The durability is enhanced with the forged steel tines that offer superior tilling and better longevity of the machine parts.

To enhance its efficiency, the manufacturer made it easy for the user to make adjustments to the tools and tines to keep it working just the way you want. With the powerful engine, it should be hard to use it for various applications.


  • It is a fast tiller as it can deliver 250 RPMs
  • It offers smooth handling
  • It is highly durable thanks to forged steel tines
  • The powerful 4 cycle engine eliminates the possibility of gas mixing with oil


  • The manufacturer used more plastic parts than what seems to be necessary for a farm equipment
Husqvarna FT900-CA Front Tine Tiller


The 208 cc Briggs and Stratton engine is just what you need for high power applications with a tiller. The power of the engine is even made better with the forward rotating front-tines in the model. You should have an easy time going through various soil types with such type of a tiller.

The model might be using the old recoil starter, but it is sure easy to use when it starts to run. The weight of 100 pounds should be easy for you to move it around the garden tilling. Whenever you feel like you missed a spot, you can always engage the reverse gear and maneuver it back to that position.

You can change from one speed to another just to make sure it is working correctly the way you want.


  • It comes with a powerful engine making it great for various tilling applications
  • The adjustable handlebar should make it easy to choose the comfortable setting
  • It delivers great durability, reliability, and versatility when being used
  • Being CARB compliant should make you know it is safe to use
  • The counterweight included gives it better stability


  • The recoil starter can be a challenge to some people
  • The wheels tend to wobble after some time
Mantis Tiller 2 Cycle Gas 7920 Model


The premium 2 cycle engine offers enough power you need to handle tilling through various types of existing gardens. The sure grip handles help a lot when it comes to moving the tiller around the garden. You will not have to worry about feeling fatigued from using it for a long time.

The model is still made to be highly durable so that it can help you work on your farm for a long time with it. Its impressive blades can easily till up to 10 inches in depth, making sure that no weed can actually survive.

It is not just about digging, but also flipping the soil. The soil is flipped over so that you do not have to worry about weeds surviving underneath the soil.

If you are looking for a tiller with faster speed of tilling, then this should be it. You can get more power with this tiller so that you can enjoy tilling through the garden in less time.


  • The model is easy to start
  • It can till faster than most models
  • It is highly reliable thanks to its durable construction
  • Impressive tilling depth of 10 inches
  • It can fold easily for storage


  • Weeds tend to entangle in the tine’s shaft, requiring consistent stopping of tilling to remove the weeds
  • The design makes it easy for the weed to tangle up around the gear area

Time to Choose The Right for You

The GardenTrax 4 Cycle mini cultivator is my favorite. The manufacturer understands what the farmer needs in terms of power, usability among other features. When compared to the other models in the review, this model seems to have more power, highly durable with the steel tines and it offers impressively smooth handling.

Well, those are the great features you would want to have in the best garden tiller. Without a doubt, starting today, you will have an easy time dealing with the weeds and tilling the garden.

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