Best Lawn Sweeper 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you one of those people who despise raking leaves or raking up grass clippings? Well then you would be in the same category as the vast majority of people.

Many of those same people have decided to switch from raking their yard to using a tow behind or pushed yard sweeper. It can help make the difficult task of raking a thing of the past for you.


Almost as fast as you can walk or drive a lawn tractor you can clear an area of your yard of leaves or grass clippings. Read on in this article to learn what you need to know about getting the best lawn sweeper to help with your yard cleanup tasks.

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Lawn Sweeper Buying Guide

Lawn Sweeper


Here are the main characteristics you need to consider when buying a lawn sweeper:



There are three main ways that lawn sweepers move along to do their task. You must consider all of these when making your purchase. Obviously, you are buying a lawn sweeper to make the leaf and yard cleanup easier on you. Each of the following types of sweeper propulsion has different degrees of physical effort you need to put in to operate them.

Push Lawn Sweeper


#1 - Push Sweeper

These are the hardest to work of all the types of lawn sweeper. That is because your feet will be the engine that moves them along.

If you like a good physical workout from time to time these will certainly give it to you. They typically have the smallest size hopper to catch leaves too. The good news is they are very affordable.

#2 - Tow Behind Sweeper

Tow Behind Sweeper


These are by far the most popular type of lawn sweeper because they take the least effort to operate. They simply hook up to your yard tractor or riding lawn mower.

They allow you to move along quickly and effortlessly as you go about your yard cleaning task. Many are designed so you can even dump them without getting off your mower or yard tractor.

#3 - Motorized Sweeper

Motorized Sweeper


These are the rarest type of lawn sweeper and often manufacturers will incorporate something else into their inner workings such as a de-thatcher.

Although you do have to steer them, walk along behind them and dump them, they are not nearly as tiring to operate as a push sweeper is.

As a general rule the easier a particular type of lawn sweeper is to move the more expensive that sweeper most likely will be. So factor that into your decision too.


Hopper (Hamper) Size

This is one of the bigger considerations when buying a lawn sweeper. The hopper is the attachment on the back of the lawn sweeper that collects the leaves or grass clippings as the sweeper rolls along. Obviously the bigger the hopper the less number of times you will have to empty it as you are sweeping your lawn.

You also have to consider how well the leaves will stay in it when you’re working. The best hopper designs are not affected by such things as wind. Consider the design carefully because there may be some days you cannot use a lawn sweeper if conditions effect how well the leaves stay inside the sweeper hopper.


Dumping Mechanism

Depending on what time of year it is you may have to dump the leaves or grass clippings out of your sweeper hopper quite often. That means you want a model lawn sweeper that is designed to be easy to empty.

You want a lawn sweeper that has pull handles for dumping if possible so you never have to handle the weight of the lawn debris that sits in the hopper.



When their bags are attached to the back of them lawn sweepers are known to be very big and bulky items. This makes them very hard to store conveniently.

There are some models though where the bags come off easily and the handles will conveniently fold for easy storage. If you have limited storage space for your lawn sweeper you may want to seriously consider a model sweeper that folds up and stores easily.


Brush Height Adjustability

Having the ability to change the height of the brushes that whisk leaves or grass clippings into your lawn sweeper is very convenient too. This is especially true when the lawn debris you are sweeping up is especially thick or slightly wet on the bottom lair.

Setting the height of the brushes higher will allow you to not get bogged down as you sweep your lawn. You will have to make more passes over your lawn though.



The wheels on a lawn sweeper make a big difference as to how easy it is to push or pull it across the ground. The larger the size wheels on a sweeper the better it is for going across rough ground.

Rubber wheels also tend to get more grip under slightly wet conditions than plastic type wheels do. So try to match the wheel construction to the type of ground conditions you have in your yard.

If you consider all of these characteristics while shopping for a lawn sweeper you will have a good chance of finding a lawn sweeper that makes it easy to pick up leaves and grass clippings from your yard.

Lawn Sweeper in Action

Here is a video of a lawn sweeper in action so you can see just how well they work:

Reviews of the Top Model Lawn Sweepers

Here are some really good lawn sweeper models:

Agri-Fab 45-0492  44-Inch Lawn Sweeper


Here is a very good tow behind model lawn sweeper from Agri-Fab. They are known for setting the industry standard when it comes to lawn sweepers. This one picks up yard debris in a nice wide path with its 44 inch wide sweeping system. It makes picking up grass clippings and leaves in a normal sized yard go very quickly.

There are several different heights that you can adjust this model lawn sweeper to. It also has a very large hopper which means less stopping to empty this sweeper out. It will hold up to 25 cubic feet of leaves or grass clippings. You don’t even have to get off your seat to empty it because it has a lever that will let you dump it without getting up from your tractor seat.

One of the best things about this lawn sweeper is how easy it is to store. Just about every piece on it folds in one way or another. It makes it a super easy lawn sweeper to store despite its large size.


  • Tow behind model
  • Large 25 cubic foot hopper
  • Generous 44 inches wide
  • Can be dumped without getting off the mower
  • Collapses for easy storage


  • Bad assembly instructions
  • No cover on hopper
Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper


This is another easy to use tow behind lawn sweeper. It makes picking up grass clippings and leaves that have accumulated on your lawn effortless. No more sore shoulders from raking as this model lawn picks up your yard debris efficiently and lets you quickly dump it where you want. You don’t even have to get off your yard tractor or mower to dump it.

It will pick up yard debris in a fairly wide path too. It is 50 inches from wheel to wheel and will sweep a path up to 42 inches wide. The hopper on this model tow behind lawn sweeper is able to catch up to 22 cubic feet of leaves or grass clippings. The hopper is partially covered so even strong winds have trouble blowing its yard contents out.

This model lawn sweeper is built tough too. It is made out of all quality parts and its large size wheels enable to easily roll across any type of grass surface.


  • Tow behind model
  • 22 cubic foot hopper
  • Nice 42 inch width
  • Can be dumped without getting off the mower
  • Sturdy large size wheels


  • Has plastic wheel gears
  • Does not store easily
  • Not great on uneven ground
Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Lawn Sweeper


The Brinly Company makes some very good yard products and this model tow behind lawn sweeper is a great example of that. It is the perfect complementary product for those that own a rising lawnmower or lawn tractor. It makes raking a thing of the past and yard cleanup a snap.

The best thing about this lawn sweeper is the rate its sweeper brushes turn at. They enable you to pick up about 80% of the lawn debris you pass over. It has a good 20 cubic feet of leaf or grass clipping storage in the hopper and it sweeps a path 40 inches wide. The sweeper also empties out easily and you do not even have to get off your mower or lawn tractor to do it.

This was not the easiest model sweeper to put together so make sure you have a friend with you to help. We were not thrilled about the warranty on this model sweeper only being 90 days long either.


  • Tow behind model
  • 20 cubic foot hopper
  • 42 inch sweeper width
  • Folds for easy storage
  • 6 high velocity sweeper brushes
  • Empties without getting up


  • Poor assembly directions
  • Only comes with a 90 day warranty
John Deere 42 in. 24 cu. ft. Lawn Sweeper


You don’t get much bigger names when it comes to lawn and garden equipment than John Deere. They have an excellent reputation and the industry and products like this lawn sweeper are the reason why. It is a good sized tow behind lawn sweeper that works really well.

This lawn sweeper will pick up grass clippings and fallen leaves in a wide 42 inch path. It does a nice job picking up a large percentage of lawn debris on each pass too thanks to its 6 different sweeper brushes.

Make sure you lubricate the metal parts of the sweeper mechanism and put too much pressure on the plastic wheel gears or you will break them. Despite its bigger size, this unit folds up nicely for storage.


  • Tow behind model
  • 24 cubic foot clipping and leaf hamper
  • 42 inch wide sweeper path
  • Compact folding for easy storage
  • 6 different sweeper brushes
  • Empties without getting up


  • Plastic wheel bearings
  • Not easy to dump when full
  • Vague assembly instructions
Yardwise 23630-YW 21-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper


This is the only push sweeper to make it onto our top review list. But we also wanted to present you with one very affordable option to pick up light grass clippings and a minor amount of fallen leaves. You still have to put some effort into picking up your yard debris with this sweeper but not nearly as much as you do when raking.

This model will clear a 21 inch wide path in your yard and get a large majority of grass clippings and leaves as you do it. As long as the grass and leaves are dry it is not as hard to push as you might think.

It also nicely folds up so it can be stored in a relatively small space in your shed or garage.


  • Walk behind model
  • 21 inch sweeper path
  • Folds nicely for easy storage
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Affordable


  • Requires a little bit of physical effort
  • Hard to dump when full
  • Collection bag is not made of sturdy cloth

Our Final Thoughts on Which Model Sweeper is Best

We really liked all the model lawn sweepers that we reviewed but we definitely liked the Agri-Fab 45-0492 44-Inch Lawn Sweeper the best. It just seemed to have an edge on every other model by a little bit.

It all starts with its very wide sweeper path which at 44 inches was the widest of any item we reviewed here. The fact that it emptied so easy and had a large hopper made it even better. When you factor in how easily it folds and stores it just makes it a great all-around lawn sweeper model.

This model tow behind sweeper is definitely one you want to check out if you own a riding mower or lawn tractor.

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