Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Every fall season brings with it piles and piles of leaves scattered across otherwise perfectly manicured lawns. These leaves although unsightly also have the potential to kill off patches of grass and other plants being cultivated.

The traditional time-consuming route of using a rake to gather leaves may leave you with a sore back for days to come and a giant pile of leaves to deal with. The solution to your leaf problems is a leaf vacuum mulcher.


This machine can easily and quickly convert unwanted leaves into wonderful compost material to fertilize your yard. A leaf vacuum mulcher will help keep gardening a stress-free enjoyable activity. Find the best leaf vacuum mulcher for you and your yard in this article.

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What is A Leaf Vacuum Mulcher?

It is not a leaf blower or leaf vacuum. A leaf blower simply creates large piles of leaves that must still be gathered and disposed of, leaving you to do half of the work. A leaf vacuum may suck up all the leaves but may become unfunctional soon thereafter if it should accidentally take in a twig or thick stem.

And even then you are left with the same problem as the blower, what will you do with all the leaves that you have gathered?

A leaf vacuum mulcher vacuums up your fallen leaves and uses internal blades to cut them up into smaller bits and pieces. Thus solving the issue of what to do with all the leaves that have gathered.

The mulch created can be disposed of or used for composting and fertilizing your yard rather than purchasing expensive mulch from the gardening store.

Watch this video to see what a leaf vacuum mulcher can do for your yard.

What Benefits Do Leaf Vacuum Mulchers Offer?

No raking and cleaning up after is required! The vacuum and mulcher take care of it all. Its ability to gather up leaves with its vacuum feature allows sunlight and pollen to gently make their way to your grasses and plants rather than stifling their growth year round.

Snow and rain can also come into direct contact with your garden to replenish it. It prevents large piles of rotting leaves to take up your yard that could also be blown into your neighbor's yard and create quite the unpleasant situation.

Things to Look For When Choosing A Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

1. With or Without a Bag

A Leaf Vacuum Mulcher With Bag


Most leaf vacuum mulchers come with a removable bag or basket that catches the leaves that are vacuumed and mulched. This allows for easy access to dispose of the mulch or for use within your yard.

These are usually carried on your shoulder as you use the leaf vacuum mulcher or some offer an attached wheel allowing you to roll along the bag as you use it. Those without a bag are cheaper than their counterparts but the mulched leaves get thrown out onto the ground as you go. This isn’t a problem if you were going to put the mulch in your yard anyways.

2. Power Source

Electric Leaf Vacuum Mulcher



Older leaf vacuum mulchers are gas powered. The pro’s to this kind of mulcher is that you can move them around freely and independently of power cables or worry about the battery running out.

Therefore, you can use it for larger areas than electric and battery powered mulchers. The cons are that they are significantly heavier than their counterparts and can’t be used during high heat. They are much noisier and because they are gas powered they create air pollution. Maintenance is required.


These mulchers require that they are plugged in while they’re in use with a power cable. The pros are that they are quieter, cleaner, and lighter than gas mulchers.

Because they don’t use gas you can store them knowing that they won’t leak. The cons are that these kinds of mulchers do not do well on large yards but do well with smaller ones.


These come with a portable battery source that must be charged prior to use and can be used in a wider yard than those that use a power cable but perhaps not as wide or for as long as a gas powered mulcher as the battery may run out.

Some may allow for the battery to be in use at the same time it is being charged. The pros are that these are also light, quiet, allow for more mobility, and a clean choice for the environment. The cons are that they are the most expensive choice of the three power options.

3. Deciding Factors

Toro Leaf Vacuum Mulcher


Amps: Amps directly relate to the power that the mulcher will have. Try to get a mulcher between 12-14 amps. Below this, it is difficult to have the leaves mulched properly.

Speed: Get a mulcher with speed options. At least a fast and a slow speed setting. A faster speed can be used when there are leaves scattered rather than piled up and over tough grasses. A slower speed is useful for piles of leaves so that clogs don’t occur and to use over delicate flowers and plants.

Reduction Ratio: This ratio shows the original leaf volume to the mulch volume created. The best mulchers have ratios of 16:1 to 18:1.

Capacity: Varying capacities should match up with your yard size. Larger yards require larger capacities and vice versa.

Blade (Impeller) Quality: Low-quality blades must be frequently changed out, such as those made of plastic. Higher quality blades will last longer, those made of metals.

Switching Capability: Look for mulchers that have a switch to go between the built-in leaf blower and vacuum features.

Nozzle: You want a nozzle that can be used in small spaces and a mulcher that offers specialized attachments.

Top Rated Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Reviews

WORX WG518 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vac


The WORX has a 12-amp motor to create a good hardy mulch from your leaves. It is a mulcher, leaf blower, and vacuum all in one and allows you to go between functions. The highest speed of the blower is 250 mph which guarantees a job well done.

The vacuum is just as powerful and can suck up leaves, twigs, pine needles, and various other debris you may encounter on your lawn without difficulty. It has a metal impeller that will prevent clogging during mulching. Its reduction ratio is 16:1.

This mulcher runs on an electric supply and has an attached cord. The mulch collection bag is able to contain one bushel. This mulcher weighs 10.8 pounds. One of the features is its dual speed adjustment which is useful for people with diverse yards to use over grasses or delicate flowers.


  • Strong 12 amp motor that reaches 250 mph.
  • Offers easy go between functions.
  • Includes a strong metal impeller.
  • Dual speed adjustments for yards with delicate flowers.


  • This mulcher must be plugged into electric supply at all times which may be difficult for those with large yards.
  • This mulcher weighs 10.8 pounds.

Sun Joe SBJ605E Electric Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher


The Sun Joe mulcher offers a 3-in-1 functionality, including a vacuum, leaf blower, and mulcher with the option to go between its functionalities. It has a powerful 14-amp motor that produces the highest speed of 250 mph. Its impeller is made of aluminum alloy rather than a plastic. 

Its reduction ratio is impressively high at 16:1 leaving composters very happy and their yards well mulched. This product offers a 2-year warranty with purchase and comes in at a light 8.6 pounds making it easy to use. It also offers interchangeable tubes for diverse uses that help you in tight spaces and corners. 

This mulcher has six differing power levels to use over a range of plants without damaging a single one. The Sun Joe mulcher requires an electric supply while in use, therefore requiring it to be plugged in at all times. A small collection bag for processed mulch will require you to empty it frequently if you have a large yard.


  • Go between the functionality of vacuum, blower, and mulcher.
  • Strong 14 amp motor that reaches 250 mph.
  • Comes with a metal impeller.
  • A high reduction ratio of 16:1.
  • 2-year warranty included with purchase.
  • This mulcher is lightweight coming in at 8.6 pounds.
  • Interchangeable tubes for specialized use.


  • Must be plugged into electric supply while in use, may not be a good option for those with large yards.
  • Small collection bag, will require frequent emptying as you go.

Toro 51609 Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller


The Toro offers 3-in-1 functionality of a vacuum, blower, and mulcher which allows you to switch between as you see fit for multiple yard projects. This mulcher has a 12 amp motor with speed up 235 mph allowing for use over delicate flower beds and rough grass patches.

This product includes a metal impeller that is sure to last and create a fine mulch. It requires an electric supply while in use making it a cleaner choice over its gas-fueled counterparts.

It also includes different tube attachments for different projects around the yard for those hard to reach sections. A collection bag is included to gather up mulch rather than spitting it out as you go. A 2-year warranty comes with purchase from the manufacturer.


  • 3-in-1 functionality included.
  • Strong 12 amp motor that reaches 235 mph.
  • Contains a metal impeller.
  • Tube attachments included for diverse uses.
  • 2-year warranty with purchase included


  • Must be plugged into an electric supply while in use which may be an annoyance to those with larger yards.

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum with Metal Impeller


This mulcher has a 12 amp motor that reaches 250 mph. 3-in-1 functionality of built in vacuum, blower, and mulcher that allows you to go between the three options. Metal impeller will last longer than many plastic impellers.

An attachment called the Shredz-All Shred Ring is unique to this Toro mulcher that works with the impeller to further reduce the volume of the leaves taken in. The collection bag has a zipper at the bottom to remove the mulch rather than removing the entire bag every time it is filled. Tube attachments are included for wet leaves and hard to reach corners.

The Toro 51621 weighs 8.9 pounds alleviating potential back and shoulder pain that results from heavier models. Included is a 2-year manufacturer warranty with purchase. This model requires an electric supply while in use and for those with larger yards may mean using an extension cord.


  • 12 amp motor that reaches 250 mph.
  • 3-in-1 functionality including vacuum, blower, and mulcher.
  • Metal impeller with Shredz-All attachment.
  • Easy to use collection bag.
  • Speed control to use for a variety of plants beds and yard styles.
  • Tube attachments included for specialized work.
  • 2-year warranty offered by manufacturer.


  • Requires a constant electric supply and extension cord for those who would like to use this mulcher in larger yards.

Black & Decker BV6000 Blower/Vac/Mulcher


This mulcher has 3-in-1 functionality of included vacuum, blower, and mulcher that makes yard work much easier. The Black and Decker mulcher has a 12 amp motor that has a low speed of 180 mph and reaches up to 250 mph. The design includes 2 unique speed selections to use over delicate or rougher terrains.

The reduction ratio of this mulcher is 16:1 which is great for those who look for a high-quality mulch for their yards. One unique feature is that this mulcher has been designed to produce less noise, 68dBA, than its competitors. It uses a disposable compostable bag system, that includes 2, however, will require you to purchase more later on.

A shoulder strap comes with the mulcher to increase user comfort while in use. As with most, this mulcher is electric powered and needs a constant source and thus must be plugged in. This mulcher also comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty.


  • 3-in-1 functionality and easy go between.
  • 12 amp motor that reaches 250 mph.
  • A reduction ratio of 16:1.
  • Produces less noise than competitors.
  • Includes a metal impeller for long term use.
  • 2-year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Shoulder strap included.


  • Uses disposable compostable collection bags that must be continually purchased with every use.
  • Requires an electric power source and thus must always be plugged in which may not be ideal for those with larger yards

And the Winner is...

The Toro 51621. It has everything the others do and then some with its added attachments and specialized Shredz-All that complements its metal impeller. It comes with a reusable collection bag and is electric powered requiring low maintenance.

It has a strong 12 amp motor that reaches 250 mph and allows you to control the speed, has a metal impeller, has the ability to switch between functions, comes with nozzle attachments. Using a leaf vacuum mulcher like the Toro 51621 will improve the quality of your yard and help you maintain it.

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