Best Log Splitter 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re stocking up for fuel or requiring it for a project, chopping wood down to size, in order to use it with ease is back breaking work. Luckily, one no longer has to resort to splitting wood using only an axe; wood splitters are now available that make the work easier and faster.

A log splitter is a piece of machinery used for splitting wood (hardwood or softwood logs) into sections or rounds (by a saw bench or chainsaw). It also allows you to cut logs in your preferred measurement, which makes stacking woodpiles more organized. Using a log splitter is an easier way to split logs because it can get the job done without much effort. This means you can save time while producing higher output.

If you’re looking for the best log splitter to add to your backyard, you need to consider the following.


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The Different Kinds of Log Splitters

Before you get down to picking the best log splitter, you need to identify which kind you want. In total, log splitters are categorized in the 5 following groups:

Manual Log Splitter

1. Manual

Manual log splitters aren’t automated and don’t rely on any power source to function. They are designed to be easier to use than axes and do not cause undue strain on the body.

Moreover, the special cradle, designed to hold the log in place is safer and eliminates accidents caused in case of deflection of blows by the log. You can easily split wood ranging from 1.5 tons to 10 tons.

2. Hydraulic – Electric

Electric Log Splitter

Hydraulic log splitters rely on a motor that automates half of the process of log splitting, requiring one to only place the log in the cradle. It then pushes the log onto a blade that neatly splits it into two pieces. You can feed the log pieces into it again if smaller pieces are required.

Hydraulic electronic splitters are not great for use outdoors since they require a source of electricity. Their motors require less maintenance, are cleaner and do not produce as much noise pollution. With no smoke emissions or soot to deal with either, these are ideal for working with indoors. These can easily split wood ranging from 4 tons to 20 tons.

3. Hydraulic – Gas

Gas Powered Log Splitter

Hydraulic log splitters that run on gas have stronger motors and offer greater mobility as compared to electric hydraulic log splitters.

Relying on gas to fuel them, these hydraulic splitters are more powerful than electric splitters and are great for use with tough, hardwood logs.

However, their engines do require oil checks and one also has to consider the cost of buying gas to use with it every time they need to split some wood. Their mobility makes them easier to use everywhere with ease.

4. Hydraulic - Machine Mounted

Machine Mounted Log Splitter

Meant for extremely heavy duty work, hydraulic log splitters that are machine mounted are meant for use with a tractor that they use as a power source as well.

These log splitters are usually meant for handling log splitting on site and construction areas. However, it is very important to ensure you pick a model that is compatible with the tractor you have.

5. Kinetic

Kinetic Log Splitter

These are also available in gas or electric models, but kinetic log splitters differ from hydraulic ones since they rely on the use of kinetic energy.

This is harnessed by generating energy through a fly wheel. This energy is considered beneficial for all. They are said to be among the fastest type of log splitters you can get.

These are the major groups of log splitters that are available in the market. All log splitters fall into these categories.

Which Will Be the Best Log Splitter For You?

When it comes time to shop for a log splitter, you might feel a little apprehensive since every log splitter is advertised as being the best. Before you get one, keep in mind that it is important that you feel comfortable, using and operating the log splitter since you’re going to be the one using it the most. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

1. Space and Size


Log splitters are available for heavy duty work as well as light work too. For this reason, they are available in a lot of different sizes that can range from compact splitters to ones that are as large as tractors.

When considering space, keep an eye on factors such as the site area and the storage area. It is going to be a waste of money if the wood splitter you picked wouldn’t fit, making it difficult to work with it or it couldn’t be stored properly.

2. Length and Weight of Logs


When picking a wood splitter, you do have to consider the kind of log pieces that you are working with. Factors such as the length, width as well as the type of wood such as hardwood and softwood, does make an impact on the kind of log splitter you should pick.

Softwood logs that can weigh from 1 ton to 5 tons can easily be handled with manual log splitters while bigger pieces might be more easily managed with hydraulic gas or hydraulic electric log splitters. Most log splitters will announce this factor so you should pay attention to this when buying.

3. Cycle Time


Cycle time refers to the amount of time it takes for log splitter’s ram to return to its place, after it has pushed the log. If you’re working on a tight deadline and every second counts, then this should be one feature that you should take into consideration.

In the market, some log splitters even provide cycle times that are only 3 to 5 seconds long. For those who need large amounts of wood immediately, this function can smooth things out, allowing work to proceed at a faster pace.

4. The Kind of Project You Are Working On


This is the main deciding factor that will influence the kind of log splitter you opt to buy. With small home based projects, you might be happy with a manual or electric log splitter.

On the other hand, larger projects such as furniture design or selling lumber could benefit from gas log splitter or kinetic log splitter since their motors can also support the faster cycle time that they provide. Industrial projects such as construction sites could benefit more from having a machine mounted, hydraulic log splitter.

Here’s a video with more information on how you can choose the best log splitter for yourself, based the wood size you’re working with.

Safety Gear You Need, Even When Working With the Best Log Splitter

Even if you are working with the best log splitter in the market, you still have to make sure to wear safety gear such as the following:

Stray splinters, wood particles, and other foreign objects are common when working with logs so you need goggles and thick reinforced gloves to keep your eyes and your hands safe. Log splitters are noisy and if you have to work with them for extended periods of time, you need to ensure you use noise cancelling ear muffs.

Steel toed boots will keep your toes and your foot safe should any log fall on it. Also avoid wearing loose clothing, jewelry or anything else that has a possibility of easily getting caught in the log splitter.

Our Recommendations – Top 5 Best Log Splitters

To make your search easier for the best log splitters, we have taken the time to review the best options available in the market.

1. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Among the best log splitters, the Boss Industrial is compact, yet powerful enough to handle the work requirements of most projects. With a 2 year warranty but in the chance that it is being used for commercial purposes, the warranty is only valid for 90 days only.


  • Has a splitting force of 7 tons and can split logs measuring 14 to 16 inches.
  • Relatively portable and compact enough to set up anywhere.
  • Has successfully chopped different wood types including aspen, cherry, oak, pine and spruce as well.
  • No assembly required.


  • After being used for a total of 100 hours, the hyaluronic oil in the engine must be changed.
  • Can have trouble splitting wood with knots in it.

2. Dirty Hand Tools 100171 Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter

Dirty Hand Tools 100171 Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter


With a 10.9 cycle time, the Dirty Hand Tools gas log splitter is a powerful tool that makes quick work of almost any kind of wood. It’s perfect for any landscaping, farming and commercial project that requires heavy duty wood work and is easy to tow around as well.


  • Has a splitting force of 22 tons and can split logs measuring 22 inches
  • Can split logs vertically and horizontally, following the grain, making it easy to split difficult wood pieces.
  • Kohler engine works well with no noise issues with startup and produces less noise as compared to other gas engines.


  • It is the most expensive log splitter in the Dirty Hand Tools inventory and its cost makes it very expensive for anyone who needs it for one time use only.
  • Must be used in a well ventilated area as it produces carbon mono-oxide when the engine is running.

3. Pow' R' Kraft 65556 Electric Log Splitter

Pow' R' Kraft 65556 Electric Log Splitter


Another tough log splitter, the Pow’ R ‘Kraft relies on 1,500 watts of electricity to seamlessly split through different wood types. Its portability makes it perfect for use on projects for landscaping or if you want to improve your wood collection for your home projects


  • Has a 2 hand operation feature for safety purposes.
  • Incredibly quiet engine with slight humming noise when left to idle.
  • Easy to operate, produces fast results and can cut most wood types, including hardwood and softwood and most knotted and gnarled wood pieces.


  • It is the most expensive log splitter in the Dirty Hand Tools inventory and its cost makes it very expensive for anyone who needs it for one time use only.
  • Must be used in a well ventilated area as it produces carbon mono-oxide when the engine is running.

4. Champion Power Equipment 100251 Log Splitter

Champion Power Equipment 100251 Log Splitter


If you’re looking for the ultimate, heavy duty, log splitter, the Champion Power log splitter will make a welcome addition to your inventory. Designed specifically for commercial and industrial purposes, the Champion Power equipment is a reliable splitter that makes short work of any wood pile.


  • Can split wood horizontally or vertically with ease.
  • Has 25 tons of splitting force and a 12 second cycle time, allowing it to go through 300 cycles per hour.
  • Attachable to most truck beds and has towing options that allow it to be transported with speeds of up to 45mph.
  • Has an automatic function where it catches log, strips the bark and collects the logs for further use.


  • Extremely expensive, heavy and a bit cumbersome.
  • Requires hydraulic fluid for use.

5. Firewood Kindling Splitter

Firewood Kindling Splitter


For those who require a log splitter for home use, the Firewood Kindling Splitter is the perfect, manual log splitter. Requiring the use of a mallet, it’s simple to use and makes it extremely easy for one to create a pile of kindling for their fireplace or wood stove.


  • Extremely portable and sturdy.
  • Extremely safe for use and pocket friendly too.
  • Made from cast iron, high quality.
  • Comes with a 5 year product warranty.
  • Does not require additional attachments or an energy supply to function.


  • Can only split wood that is 6.5 inches.
  • Cannot be used for most industrial or commercial purposes.

Our Top Pick

The winner for this time is clearly, the Champion Power Equipment 100251 Log Splitter. With its 25 ton split force coupled with its amazingly short cycle time of only 12 seconds, this log splitter promises to speed up work in any project that it is used. Moreover, it can also split wood horizontally and vertically too so it’s going to make short work of any wood piece.

Our other winner is the Firewood Kindling Splitter which is one of the most unique wood splitters that one can use manually and it has minimal noise pollution and safety concerns. The cast iron body is extremely durable and portable, allowing one to carry the Firewood Kindling Splitter with them anywhere.

For anyone who is camping in the woods, this is an excellent way to build up their firewood supply. Even for those who are not on a camping trip, if they enjoy splitting wood the old fashioned way but would not want to handle an axe, the Firewood Kindling Splitter is the perfect, pocket friendly option.

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