Gardening 101: Looking For The Best Pair Of Gardening Gloves

“Not everyone is born with a green thumb.”

Don’t worry. I just added the quotation marks there to make it look dramatic but the quote is just something that came off the top of my head (read more). As a child, I have always loved the smell of the outdoors. I hate being caged at home back then. I would demand to go out like a wild gorilla.


If my mum wouldn’t let me, I’d secretly slip past through my bedroom window which was (fortunately) located on the first floor of our house. I’d go out into the backyard and start naming all the plants as if they were my little children. Instead of playing with dolls, I had plants for babies – imagine that.

This is a little off topic but I just wanted to share a short story with you – mostly because I find it so funny. This happened when I was a little girl as well. So, I just told you how I had a hobby of naming plants as if they were my babies, right?

Well, I had this one particular baby named “George.” He was a special little tyke to me. He was short, green, and he really looked fragile. It was as if something bad could happen to him anytime. So I made a little circle around him using small stones. It made him stand out from the rest of the plants.

One morning, I was silently exiting my bedroom window to go visit my beloved garden when I felt like something was off. George wasn’t in his circle!” I’ve never felt such dread and horror in my life.

So I ran to my mum who was just as surprised seeing that I wasn’t in my room and I asked her “Mum, have you seen George? I can’t find him in my garden!” And my mum said “What George? Who’s George?” To which I replied “My little baby plant! It was inside my little circle!” And that’s when my world ended.

My mum said “Oh, you mean the weed? I took it out before it can harm the other plants.”

I acted as if the world suddenly ended. Soon after the shock, I bawled my eyes out. I didn’t stop crying for two hours. My mum was astonished; I can literally remember the questioning look on her face. She was probably like “What did I do wrong?” Now that I look back, it was so stupid that I find it hilarious! Well, that’s a child’s heart for you – so gentle, so true, and so naïve.

Anyway, going back to what we were discussing, I just said that not everyone is born with a green thumb. But what I’m not telling you is that there is a continuation to this quote I made up.

“But anyone can paint their thumbs green.”

green thumb

You may not be naturally good with plants but you can always learn how to be good with them. At first, you will fail without a doubt – bitterly, shamefully, and immediately. But when you learn to never give up, you will get better at growing them. Check out how you can develop a green thumb here:

I wasn’t born with a green thumb too, you know. I love plants so much but whenever I try to nurse one myself, I always seem to fail. At first, my reaction was just like everybody else’s. I said, “Well, maybe this is just not for me.” But something inside me urged me to try again – and again, and again.Until finally, I got it right.

So, what is it that I want you to learn from all of this?

For one, it’s to never give up. And two, you need to gear up!

Well, I haven’t really mentioned it yet but yes, you do have to gear up. You need all the right equipment to start planting for real. One of the most important ones is the gardening glove – make those gloves, since you have two hands.

Garden gloves are important equipment to have for any gardener. They are basically an extension of your body and they help you carry out the simplest of gardening tasks. They help keep your hands clean while you do the dirty work. After all, we can’t have nasty bacteria getting in your system! How can you continue to develop your nifty gardening skills if you’re out sick, right?

Anyway, it’s necessary that when you buy your very first pair of gardening gloves, you buy them right. You would want your gardening experience to be breath-taking on the very first try. To make sure you buy the right pair, here are a few tips:

gardening gloves

1. Choose the Right Material

Obviously, you will need rubber gloves. Any other glove would be hard to use with dirt. They’re easier to clean too. If you’re allergic to rubber material, you may also opt for gloves made of thick cloth. Although they will not protect your hands 100%, they will at least omit all chances of allergy. They can also be laundered which makes them easy to clean as well.

2. Choose the Right Size

Most gloves are free size but some offer varying sizes for added comfort. Choose something that fits you nicely. You wouldn’t want gloves that are too loose since they wouldn’t feel like your actual hands. You wouldn’t want them to be too small either since that would them too tight and therefore uncomfortable. You need the best gardening gloves that will fit your hands just right so that you can move around easily. Make sure that you give your hands ample breathing space as well.

3. Choose the Right Price

If you search online, you would know the average costs of garden gloves – even the quality ones. You might also run into really good reviews that can definitely affect your buying decision. Choose something that’s practical and realistic. Remember, this is your first try and you’re probably doing it as a hobby not professionally. Choosing something that fits with your budget seems about right.

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