Best Splitting Maul 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For you to be able to split large logs of wood into smaller usable ones, you need a splitting maul. Even though you can use an axe, splitting mauls are known to be heavier with a wider head. This makes splitting wood easier and faster.


However, choosing a splitting maul that will easily meet your needs can be very daunting. That’s where this article comes in. It will exclusively look at five of the best splitting mauls and other factors that may inform your decision.

Top 5 Best Splitting Mauls

Fiskars Iso Core  36 Inch 8 lb Maul


If tough work makes your body ache, you can use the Fiskars Iso Core 8lbs Maul, 36inch. It’s a rugged strong maul that allows you to take on difficult wood splitting tasks. At the same time, it reduces muscle fatigue.

This maul has patented Iso Core Shock Control Technique. It’s responsible for absorbing vibrations and strike shock. This reduces the effects that your body takes. It transfers 2 times less shock and vibration than your normal wood handles.

If you’re looking for a maul that will efficiently carry out your tasks, this is the one for you. It’s ideal for splitting wood. It can also be used for driving wedges and stakes.Another feature of this maul is its improved blade geometry. This is great as it will offer better penetration as it blasts through tough logs causing them to break apart.

My favorite feature of this maul is the insulation sleeve. This is because it captures the initial strike shock. Your hand will never feel the shocks or vibrations and even if you do feel the vibrations, they won’t be as intense.


  • Perfect for splitting wood or driving wedges and stakes
  • Optimized blade geometry for better penetration
  • Patented shock control system for absorbing shock
  • Insulation sleeves to capture the initial strike
  • Functional handle design that fits in your hand


  • Lightweight making less impact
Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter


Just as the name suggests, this Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter is made with the most challenging splitting jobs in mind. It offers a strong striking force. You can, therefore, use it for splitting trunks from trees, big logs, and weighty firewood.

This maul also contains a patented method in the screw technique. This is great since it makes interchanging of the blades and the handles of the axe very easy. So if you have a variety of handles, don’t let them lie around idly. With a simple hex key and cap screw, you can replace hands in no time.

With a built-in safety feature, your safety and those around you are guaranteed. This is because the feature ensures that loose heads stay on the handle. This eliminates the risk of the head literally ‘flying off the handle’.The head of this maul is manufactured in Wuppertal, Germany.

Anything made in Germany is my favorite. The German C45 high-grade carbon steel is heat treated, oil hardened, and drop forged. This screams durability.

Another interesting feature is the handle. Its grip is gently lacquered and has a steel overstrike armor. This is great because it protects your hands from injurious miss-swings.


  • Patented screw technique for interchangeability of handles and blades
  • Built-in safety feature
  • Carbon steel head to ensure durability and efficiency
  • Lightly lacquered handle with a steel overstrike for protection
  • Curved, ergonomically designed for balance


  • It’s quite expensive
Estwing E3-FF4 4-Pound "Fireside Friend" Wood Splitting Axe/Maul


If you’re looking for a splitting maul you can use to split small or medium sized logs, this maul is perfect for you. You can use these sized logs in or around the house during winter/cold seasons.

This is the most efficient splitting maul. This is because it’s a one-piece maul. It doesn’t have any moving parts. This makes it easy to maintain and look after. Your safety and those around you especially children are guaranteed.

The handle weight of this maul is perfect if you like going camping or making bonfires. The weight and handle give power and leverage for an easy time splitting wood.

For a maul that’s a single piece to have a patented shock reducing vinyl grip, the feature puts it at number one. The vinyl grip offers you a comfortable grip and is also durable.

In addition to all the above features, it’s lightweight making it easy to carry around. This makes it perfect for you to enjoy the outdoor and even indoor activities.


  • Can be used for splitting small and medium sized logs
  • One-piece maul guaranteeing safety
  • Weight and handle gives you leverage and power when splitting
  • Patented shock reducing vinyl grip for a comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around


  • It has limited use; splitting wood
Fiskars X27 36-Inch Super Splitting Axe


If you’re looking for a comfortable maul you can easily use when splitting logs, you’re in the right place. This Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe is the one for you. Although it’s recommended for taller people, it’s still useful for people of any height.

Being tall has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Finding the perfect maul can end up being one of your worst nightmares. This Fiskars X27 maul is ideal for taller users. It’s not limited to them only.

If you prefer using longer mauls, this one would work great for you.To get a maul that can split mauls in fewer strikes is gold. You’ll end up spending less time splitting logs. This Fiskars X27 maul is designed for maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits.

This maul is great because its balance and the power-to-weight ratio have been perfected. This allows you to increase your swing speed to increase power.

Another feature of this maul is its superior blade geometry that is beveled convex. This is because it’s responsible for adding power. This makes removing the blade from wood much easier.


  • Ideal for taller users or those who prefer longer axes
  • Designed for maximum efficiency
  • Balance and power-to-weight has been perfected
  • Advanced bevel convex blade geometry


  • It’s more brittle in the cold
Husqvarna 32" Wooden Splitting Maul


Most of Husqvarna axes allow for different kinds of works. This Husqvarna maul is made from Swedish axe Steel which makes it a very high-quality axe.

This splitting maul is fabricated for splitting chunks of wood. You will be able to cut that huge log sitting idly in your backyard into pieces you can use. The poll is also designed for powering splitting wedges.

This is a very versatile splitting maul. This is because the neck has a striking face that is hardened. It can, hence, be utilized in form of a sledge or in combination with a splitting wedge.

For even more convenience, this splitting maul has its head attached to a hickory shaft. A wooden and steel wedge has been used for a secure fastening.

This is the most interesting feature of them all. It’s the only sledge axe that can withstand use as a sledgehammer.

It comes complete with a leather edge cover. This helps in maintaining the blade by covering the sharp edge. This keeps it from rusting and it’s also safe for storage.


  • Fabricated for splitting chunks of wood
  • Hardened striking face in the neck
  • The head is attached to a hickory shaft and securely fastened
  • Can withstand use as a sledgehammer
  • Comes complete with a leather edge cover


  • The handle shrinks when kept in warm conditions

How to Choose the Best Splitting Maul

Cutting wood can be really difficult or easy depending on the splitting maul you choose. So before you settle on one, you need to consider the factors below.

The Weight of the Splitting Maul

Splitting Maul

The first thing you need to think about is the weight. It’s determined by the type of wood you cut and how long you will use the splitting maul. The best splitting mauls have a weight of between 4lbs to 12lbs.

If you’ll spend a lot of time like hours cutting wood, you will need to consider getting a lighter splitting maul. They are easier to swing which will ultimately make your work easier. With a lighter splitting maul, your arm and back muscles won’t give out quickly.

Heavy splitting mauls are very efficient. When you use it, you will have to use more energy for the blades to go through the wood. If you’re cutting hardwood, it’s better to use a heavier splitting maul. It will take a shorter time compared to lighter splitting mauls.

Therefore finding a middle ground between how usable the maul is and how much energy you will use is important in selecting the perfect weight for your maul.

What is the Handle Made of?

Handle of Splitting Maul

The best splitting mauls are made from either wood, steel or synthetic/natural material. Different materials cost differently, are either light or heavy or have a long/short lifespan.

Traditionally maul handles were made from wood. Wood mauls are heavier to swing around but more efficient. This is because you will need to use a lot of energy which will take a shorter time. Wood, however, can’t absorb shock. They will also make your arm muscles will give out quickly. They’re also the least durable.

Mauls with steel handles are the most durable of them all. They are however very uncomfortable in the hand, you will need gloves. They’re also very heavy to swing around. Like the mauls with wood handles, these mauls also can’t absorb shock.

Mauls with handles made of synthetic materials are the lightest, easiest to maintain and most efficient of them all. They give you a comfortable grip. They are also good shock absorbers. Perfect for use when you have a lot of wood to split.

The Shape of the Blade

shape of the blade

With splitting mauls, there are so many variables. From the weight to the handle and now the shape. There are three types of maul blades; thin and tapered, wedged and double edged.

A majority of blades loved by people who like cutting wood are the traditional blades. They are thin and tapered from the shaft to the head. They’re loved because they are lighter compared to the other blade shapes. They’re also more efficient. However, with this blade, you will take a long time when splitting.

The wedged blades are also commonly found nowadays. They’re heavier but very sufficient, especially with hardwood. One to three swings will be enough to split wood depending on the amount of energy you’ll use.

Double edged blades are slowly finding their way into the market. It has the thin and tapered blade on both sides of the shaft. Because of the extra blade, splitting will be easier. The blade will give the feeling of being heavy which will increase the force you apply when splitting.

Balance Between the Weight and the Head of the Splitting Maul

balance between weight and the head

If you’re in the market for a splitting maul, you need to find one with just the correct balance between weight and the head.

The correct balance will make swinging easy and your muscles won’t give out faster. If the maul is light but the head is heavier, you will have a hard time aiming at the wood you’ll be cutting. Which can be very dangerous.

On the other hand, when the maul is heavy but the head is light, there will be problems as well. You will feel like you’ll be using a lot of energy but not getting anything done. You will then end up taking a lot of time splitting.

The Maintenance of the Maul

maintenance of the maul

This will determine how long the maul will last. Maintaining can be through cleaning with water, oiling the moving parts, storing or making repairs.

Mauls with handles made from steel need extra maintenance. You will need to keep them in places that are dry. Wet places will only lead to rust or tarnish. Handles made from wood are easily cracked. Handles made from synthetic materials are easiest to maintain. They are made in such a way that they’re weather and water resistant.

When dealing with the head of the maul, ensure it is securely fastened on to the shaft. So it’s important to clean the area that connects the head to the shaft.

Here is a short video to help you understand this process.

In Conclusion

The best splitting maul requires more considerations and factors to think about. The type of wood and the cost are two of the most important considerations.

That being said the best splitting maul for me would have to be the Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter. Even though it’s quite expensive, it does everything the perfect maul should do. It’s also very safe for you, your hands and the people around you.

We all have different perceptions about different things. You have the power to decide what splitting maul works efficiently for you.

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