15 Most Beautiful Types of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the flowers of summer. With petals that match the sun’s golden hues it is no surprise that these yellow beauties are one of the most popular flower types. Sunflowers make up the genus Helianthus which contains almost 70 different species.

Because of the many different types of sunflowers, FTD has created a guide that covers the 15 most beautiful types of sunflowers broken down into tall, dwarf and colored varieties. They also created a visual guide that features the eight most popular types of sunflowers and their names.

You can check the full article here: 15 Most Beautiful Types of Sunflowers

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8 popular types of sunflowers


5 Excellent Choices for the Best Pond Pump

Adding a pond to your garden creates an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. It makes your garden space where you can truly relax for the day. Ponds do require maintenance, and one of the most important decisions you will make is to pick the best pond pump.

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How Long Does Grass Seed Last When in Storage? The Complete Answer

One of the most frequently planted but also most misunderstood plants is grass. Most people who care about their lawn will have a bag or two of grass seed in storage.

That leads to one of the biggest areas of confusion concerning grass seed – how long does grass seed last in storage before it is no longer usable?

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10 Essential Lawn Care Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have

Some people like doing yard work but the majority of people would rather spend time doing something else. No matter which category you fall into the task of taking care of your landscape pretty much comes down to you being equipped with 10 essential lawn care tools.

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5 Easy Woodworking Plans And Designs For Your Garden

Woodworking as a beginner can be both exciting and daunting. On one end you have all these amazing ideas you want to try out. On the other hand, you pretty much have no idea what you are doing and/or where to start.

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How to Search For and Find the Best Garden Sprayer

Are you tired of trying to keep weeds and bugs out of your garden? With the best garden sprayer, you can make the tedious task of maintaining your garden so much easier.

Gardens are wonderful to have for sure. There is nothing like the taste of fresh vegetables in a salad or having them served on the dinner table as a side dish. It is even more satisfying because you know that those vegetables come as a result of your hard work.

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Why Are My Cucumbers Yellow? 7 Shocking Reasons

Did you wander out to your garden only to find that most of your cucumbers turned yellow? Perhaps, following a rainstorm, you find the same thing. You are stuck wondering why are my cucumbers yellow and how can you fix it.

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When to Mow New Grass? Use these Key Factors to Determine

If you own a home long enough and have a grass lawn there is a good chance that weeds and other unwanted plants will eventually supplant most of your grass. That is when it is a good time to remove the old grass and plant new.

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How To Choose The Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Are you tired of mowing your lawn with that noisy and clunky old gas lawn mower you have? It doesn’t have to be like that you know.

There are few tasks you will do around your home that are as mundane as mowing your lawn. This is why you need a mower that runs quiet and is easy to use when you doing it. That is exactly what you get when you own the best corded electric lawn mower.

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Where Do Carrot Seeds Come From? The Fascinating Truth

When you opened your package of carrot seeds, did you wonder where do carrot seeds come from? They are tinier than other seeds. It is a natural thing to ponder. If you’ve ever been curious about the answer to this question, let’s find out the answer!

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