How to Make Your Yard Stand Out With Carpet Lawn?

The desire of each owner is that after many months of creating the garden see the green surface as soon as possible. Considering that with sown grass, you will need at least 2 months to be able to walk on your lawn and your children to play, the logical selection is carpet lawn.


Usually, you can find two types of carpet grass. Meadow carpet grass and cultivated carpet grass. If you have large courtyard or one in the shade, use meadow grass. These grasslands are more resistant to drought and walking. 

It consists of many types of grass, so you have to mow it regularly and weave to get a nice looking lawn. Cultivated grass has already been grown on cultivated surfaces, regularly fertilized and watered so its appearance is more representative and more useful. Which one will you choose it's up to you, but preparing, setup and maintenance are almost the same.

Watch that you order a carpet grass from the same place that produces it. This guarantees easy receiving of the lawn itself.

Preparing a Land for the Carpet Lawn

Prepare and place all the components in the ground before you start laying the lawn carpet. These include various cables for the illumination of the yard, an irrigation system and drains. Put soil back in layers and compress it good.

Finish all the masonry works, the concrete pavement and shape the appearance of your future lawn. Only then you are free to continue with grass. Owners of future gardens are often impatient and do the opposite. As a consequence, the damage remains visible for a long time.

Step 1 - Removing the Old Lawn

Old Lawn

On smaller areas, you can cut a ground horizontally below the lawn before you begin to pull the grass with your hands. This is an ok procedure for areas less than 100 m2.

If you own a larger garden, then spraying with herbicide will be a quicker and less stressful process. Do this for at least 3 weeks before placing a new lawn carpet so that chemicals can reach the underground parts of the grass and weaken the root. In this way, you will greatly benefit from the removal of the old lawn.

Spray when it's not very hot and not cloudy. By spraying before the rain you risk a reduced effect of herbicides. For the same reason, it is not recommended to mow the grass before spraying, as this will reduce the surface of the leaves through which the grass should absorb the chemical.

Don't worry, the effect of the chemical will have no effect on the new lawn carpet.

Step 2 - Preparing the Ground

Preparing the Ground

The suitable soil should not be too soaked or too dry either. One of the hardest is a clay soil. It has a flaw because when is dry it's hard as a stone and on the humid is all messy. If your land is like this, mix it with sand. Sprinkle the sand on the ground and then slip it over. Sandy or poor soils you should mix with humus.

Before you start handling the fine soil, try to straighten the ground surface. Filling the dumps is necessary, otherwise, it will become a moss nursery. If you are arranging lawn carpet around the terrace make a slight fall. At a length of 2 m, the degree of fall should be about 2 cm.

Step 3 - Ordering the Lawn

Ordering the Lawn

Measure the area you want to lay grass on and add another 5-7%. You can order the grass only when you finish with all the rough work on the preparation of the land. Setting the grass in the shortest possible time is of great importance. If you need to work in bad weather, don't hesitate! Otherwise, the rolled grass that stands for more than 2 days will get mold.

If you are not able to immediately start the installation, leave it in the shade, where there is no wind (for example, under the tree). Don't water the rolled grass.

The most suitable time for setting is from March to October. The ground is warm and this is period of grass growing phase.


You can unwind the grass in the shade of the trees and if it's well watered, it can stand there for up to 2 weeks. Never leave it on the clear ground because you will not be able to separate it without damaging the root system.

Step 4 - Setting Up a Rolls of Grass

Rolls of Grass

First, place the grass in the rectangular area. If the terrain is higher than 20%, set the carpets from the lowest to the highest point, in relation to the slope. Use wide wooden boards to walk on, instead of the carpet lawns or soil. It is important to keep in mind that the grass will look good over time but do not overlap each other.

You can cut a carpet lawn with a scalper. But count that the network of roots will disedge the scalper fast and equip yourself with spare ones. Remove necessary parts later when you place whole lawn.

Fertilizing it before isn't mandatory, but it is preferable to improve ground with the organic material, depending on the composition and nutrients of the soil. If so, the mineral fertilizer needs to be coated in the soil so it doesn't come into direct contact with the roots of the grass. Be careful, it can burn it!

Step 5 - Finishing Touches

Fresh Grass

Laying over the fresh grass is a finish but very important step. Pressing the grass with the roller ensures better contact between the grass and the ground beneath it.

If you omit this step, it is possible that some parts of the grass will not come in contact with the earth and yellowish spots will appear. It is important that you press the grass carpet after installation. You can do it with a lightweight roll of up to 100 kg.

Step 6 - Watering

Watering Lawn

At the beginning, you must water it more than any other plant. When you think that is enough, do the following to make sure. In one place, simply grab the grass and look underneath. Earth surface must look soaked. Do the watering with patience and try to cover every inch of the new lawn.

This is how you should do it for at least a month until the roots are strong. In about a week, the grass will penetrate the ground deeper, and in two weeks if the weather conditions are warm, the grass will be so strong that your children will be able to play on it. At winter conditions needs about 3 weeks (if the soil isn't frozen).

The newly-installed grass carpet has special requirements for water. Proper supply of water immediately upon laying ensures a correct development and directly affects how the grass will thrive in natural conditions. Water is a measure of life.

If we don't have enough water, we easily die, if we get too much water and we can easily drown. The same rule applies to our grassland. Water represents 70-80% of the grass weight. People are usually worried that their lawns are not watered enough. However, the data show that most of them were destroyed precisely because of over-watering.

Spray system built into the ground to be efficient requires professional design, installation, and maintenance. The biggest mistake in using these systems is in our general thinking that they need to be installed and used without taking into account the changing seasonal need for water.

The changing needs for water should be respected, bearing in mind whether the grass needs water to grow or is enough to boost its growth when there is not enough rain. The problem occurs when sprayers are not properly arranged and spraying along the path or sidewalk instead of grass.

After about 2 weeks, you can mow the grass for the first time, and then remove the grass by one third. The grass has not been adapted to the new residence yet so give it your full attention, provide her to establish a healthy root system.

Common Mistake

Various problems can arise when setting up this kind of lawn. When placing carpet grass on the sloping ground, separation of parts can occur. If this happens, make a mixture of soil and sand (1: 1 scale) and fill in the gaps.

Does Setting the Grass Carpet Means Less Work?

Yes, because a professionally crafted carpet does not require any special care since grass is already lush and grown up. Grass carpets are prepared and developed under control of experts who choose grass seeds and take care that they are a hybrid seed with a certificate. After laying the grass carpet, you need to mow it properly and fertilize to keep the grass lush and green.

Can the Grass Carpet Bear High Loads?

Certainly! Grass carpet is extremely fastened, or firmly fixed. For a few weeks now, the grass is ready to bear the full load. Grass carpet is the ideal surface for grass games and allows the most diverse activities of the family. Today's grass mixtures are such that they can be easily used for green athletic playgrounds, as well for your home.

This time you will make the grass greener in your garden.

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