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How To Build Your Own Herb Garden

Been planning to spice things up in your cooking? Then everything is all about using herbs. Be it a pasta or stew, herbs can be used in just about everything in just about anyway. And what makes it even tastier is if it is freshly picked.

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Herbs for Fall: The Ones that are Perfect for Your Garden this Autumn

With autumn little more than a month away, now is the perfect time to prepare your gardening strategies by going through the 2018 gardening trends and we even have some herb suggestions for you right here that will make your garden look and smell fabulous.

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How To Grow Scarlet Sage Flowers – Useful Tips

Scarlet Sage is a beautiful spring plant that is part of the mint family, and it is the only sage plant with beautiful red flowers. The seeds you will need are called Scarlet Sage seed/scarlet salvia (Salvia Coccinea). Your seed provider will know exactly what you need.

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The 7 Wonders Of Turmeric You Should Know

Hailing from Southeast India and Asia, the turmeric plant is a member of the ginger family. As such, it is a perennial flowering plant which needs warm temperatures as well as plenty of rain in order to grow. The turmeric spice that we know is made from drying out the plant and turning it into a powder.

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What Does Sage Smell Like? The Mysterious Aromatics Of Sage

Are you one of those people that think sage smells like Marijuana?

Believe it or not, that is not the most popular answer when someone is asked what sage smells like. But it’s important to note that it does pop up more than occasionally as an answer to that question.

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What Does Anise Taste Like? (Give Your Taste Buds An Experience!)

Have you been wondering what does anise taste like? It’s a valid question to ask, which a lot of people might not know the answer to. So, let's find out. Anise, a key ingredient in numerous dishes across the globe, is a one of a kind herb which enhances the flavor of any meal you add it to.

Read on to know more about this herb, how it’ll affect your taste buds, and how you can incorporate it into the food you eat.

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Oh No! What Does Thyme Look Like?

When we are feeling bold and want to try to expand our culinary skills, it isn’t uncommon that we take on new recipes. Sometimes these recipes call for fresh herbs that we aren’t used to using, and we’re left wondering things like, “What does thyme look like?”

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11 Outstanding Health Benefits of the Mare’s Tail Weed

Mare’s tail weed is a member part of the Equisetaceae class of plants. These plants are believed to have medicinal value even though most people see them as weeds. They are characterized by being slim plants with a stalk that resembles the tail of a bird or horsetail appearance.

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