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6 Ways to Keep Rats Out of Your Garden, And 1 to Avoid

It is very common to encounter rats in your garden. This is because rats will go anywhere where there is food to eat and your garden presents such a wonderful opportunity. Rats tend to go into gardens, dig holes to hide in, and then eat your supply of fresh vegetables.

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Identifying And Dealing With Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed (scientific name: Fallopia Japonica) can pose a serious threat to any piece of property, particularly one that's up for sale. All too often, you discover Japanese Knotweed when the mortgage surveyor finds it. This can hold up a sale, lead to price renegotiation, or even spoil the deal entirely.

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8 Tips to Rid Your Garden of Pests

Your safe-haven from stress; your garden is a lot of things: the crown of your home, a perfect bonding space with the family, and an extension of your nature-loving self.

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Top 7 Garden Pest Management Tips

Pest insects can destroy your garden. If you enjoy gardening while being concerned about your own health and environment, then Drake Pest Control should focus on natural or organic pesticides, instead of products that contain chemicals and toxins.

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How to Get Rid of Ants in the Garden

Ants are well-known for their resilient and social nature. They live in colonies containing thousands or millions of ants. In small numbers, some ant species are incredibly helpful to farmers by removing pests and parasites in the soil.

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Deer Fence Education: How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden

While a deer is one of the most majestic creatures in the animal kingdom, it also brings several dangers in your garden. Deer can actually carry ticks that can become the reason for you and your families to be infected by Lyme disease and brucellosis.

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Save Your Garden: Top Natural Remedies for Pest Management

Taking care of your gardens is not a piece of cake, and that is why nothing hurts more when it gets infested with pests. Pests can completely ruin your garden by destroying your plants and flowers. This problem is not something that can go away on its own and needs some serious attention.

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How to Keep Summer Pests Away from your Garden

Summer is great, but with it comes bugs. Lots of bugs. They are good for our ecosystem, but they can ruin a lot of things. Like a relaxing nap on the lawn or a fun day out with the kids.

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Lawn Weeds in Wet Weather – What to Look for

Your lawn needs good soil, water, air and sunshine to grow properly — but weeds thrive under these conditions, too. Contrary to the adage “A weed is but an unloved flower,” weeds are unattractive and aggressive blights on your garden; they soak up nutrients that your lawn needs and break up the beautiful landscape you have worked hard to establish.

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15 Home-Made Weed Killers You Should Go For

Building a beautiful garden is a challenging task, and the abundance of weeds invading your soil does not make it any easier. Weed killers are essential in a garden.

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