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How To Care for Trees in Your Garden

Around 28% of 2.3 billion tree seedlings are planted by tree farmers and private landowners each year. Trees are some of the favorite types of plants that gardeners and farmers like to plant on their plots. From providing shade to enhancing the beauty of your garden, trees offer many benefits.

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Lemon Trees – The Perfect Addition to Your Garden

There's nothing like the refreshing taste of lemon. Whether it's lemon juice, lemonade, or lemon squeezed onto seafood, there's no denying the pleasant aroma and taste of lemons. How great would it be to have your own lemon tree in your garden instead of having to buy them from a grocery store?

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What Are the Best Trees to Provide Shade?

Good trees provide a lot more than just beautifying your backyard. They provide clean air and are the game changers in your landscape. When picking the perfect shade tree for your backyard, it’s important to make an informed decision but don’t compromise quality.

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Making The Most Of Trees In Your Garden Design

Trees can enhance your health and well-being in many ways. They help produce oxygen, reduce pollution levels, and help conserve energy, so if your garden is filled with trees, then your family’s health and well-being are surely benefiting in many ways.

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Signs A Tree Is Dangerous In The Backyard

Global warming has become a huge issue today and it’s understandable that everybody wants to plant trees in order to save the Earth. If you already have trees in your backyard, it’s great because not only do those trees help in fighting climate issues, they also provide you with good shade, especially in summer.

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5 Tips For Good Tree Removal You Should Know

Tree removal is a very dangerous job.

In fact, the CDC estimates there to be about 80 deaths per year related to tree care. It is always recommended that if you can, call a professional.

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Landscaping 101: 3 Interesting Ways You Can Remove a Tree

Nature can be a wonderful thing, right? It’s beautiful, serene, calming - and sometimes more than a little obtrusive. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be out in nature as much as anyone, maybe even more than most people.

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How Plants Can Damage Your Home

Going green is generally seen as a good thing for the environment and is known to be beneficial to us humans as well. People in general, look at all plants as positive for their surroundings.

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4 Excellent Evergreens For Your Yard

Coniferous, evergreen trees are of great importance to any homeowner with a yard. Not only do these trees add beauty, but they also provide a serene environment with rich, piney air.

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How to Straighten A Tree the Right Way

I bet you have a gorgeous image of exactly how you want your garden to look like. There are a plethora of beautiful gardens on this earth that can fire your imagination and, if you're like me, you'll always aim for that.

The actual results usually deviate significantly from how you thought it would be, though. This is especially true when planting and growing trees!

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