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How to Create an Outdoor Bar

Looking for a fun outdoor project for this summer that can make your backyard even more enjoyable? Build an outdoor bar!

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How to Protect Your Yard and Gardens from Contractor Carelessness

It’s exciting when you find the right contractor for your home project. Whether you’re getting overgrown trees trimmed, an inground pool installed, or something else built or repaired, you don’t want to watch your lawn being ruined. The construction project you’re excited about can be a nightmare for your yard.

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8 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden

Just like your home, your garden needs some extra care and attention too. If there’s one thing people see first from your property, it’s your front garden. You’ll be amazed how a minor improvement of your garden can quickly transform your outdoor area into something more appealing and colorful.

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Garden Lighting – How To Choose It?

Getting your outdoor lighting right might be tricky, as it's rather easy to overdo it (especially if it's your first time) and end up with excess light washing instead of subtle, functional ambiance. Here's a quick guide on how to light up your garden.

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How to Become a Professional Landscaper

The landscaping industry in the United States grew an average of 3.3% annually between 2015 and 2020. As of last year, the industry’s size by revenue is valued at $98.7 billion.

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Decorative Water Fountain Features at Home

Whether you wanted to make the front or back of your garden more aesthetically pleasing will depend on the designs that you get. You may want a water fountain that creates a centerpiece or focal point where it will immediately attract your family and friends’ attention whenever they come to your property.

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How to Design the Perfect Garden Shed

Building a garden shed is a great idea to use your backyard space. From storing tools to potting, a little unwinding to playing - it could be your hub for diverse activities. If you are able to decorate the shed following the right tips and tricks, it will become your extended home and a part of your garden scene.

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Interesting Ideas of How to Decorate Your Backyard

When it comes to having a backyard to be proud of, most of us want to make it look as beautiful and inviting as possible. To help you with this mission, we have come up with some interesting ideas that you can use to decorate your backyard and make it a real talking point with your friends, family, and neighbors. Check out our ideas below.

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Tips For Turning Your Storage Shed Into a Guest House

Do you ever look at the old storage shed in the backyard and wish it was something else? You might not have known it, but a shed that is no longer used can be easily converted into a livable space.

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A Short Guide Before Buying Garden Awnings

An awning is an excellent addition to your garden that will add both extra functionality and stunning visual effect to your home.

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