The Best Climbers For An Autumnal Trellis You Should Know

The trellis in your garden is a wonderful place to bring in color, life, and vibrant plant-life that matches the season. For those with a green thumb, autumn can be a time when you get ready to preserve plants and perennials from the harsh winter.


But it can also be a time when plants come to life, vegetables are ready to be harvested, and the range of colors in your garden becomes truly amazing.

One way to bring more of the season into your garden is with autumn-toned climbers. Autumn-toned climbers that thrive during the fall season will bring the colors and scents of fall into your garden.

#1 Squash


Did you know you can grow squash right on your trellis? Vertical gardening is a space efficient way to get more out of a small garden. Not only are squash on-theme for autumn, they also add to your kitchen table.

Edible gardening is big right now as an affordable way to eat organic food. When it comes to growing squash, you want a lighter-weight gourd like summer squash. As it grows, prune away peripheral growth and tie up bigger vines.

#2 Boston Ivy


Boston ivy is one of the most coveted climbers for gardeners who love fall colors. Boston ivy brings a rich fall foliage. Its bright red leaves are perfect for the season and they last until the late fall or even the early winter, so you get the most out of them.

Boston ivy does well in poor-quality soil, meaning it’s a particularly hardy plant. One unique feature is the way that Boston ivy glues itself to the surfaces on which it grows.

#3 Virginia Creeper


The red leaves on a Virginia creeper match the richest hues of the leaves in the fall. Virginia creeper grows from both seeds and cuttings.

It “creeps” slowly along just about any surface where you plant it and it will quickly take over a trellis. Gardeners in Canada will appreciate that despite the name, it’s also native to Ontario and Quebec.

#4 Trumpet Creeper


Trumpet creeper produces beautiful, trumpet-shaped red flowers, but trumpet creeper is not for the faint of heart. Trumpet creeper grows rapidly and aggressively. It will take over just about any space without proper care and maintenance. That means a lot of pruning.

#5 Virgin’s Bower


Also known as clematis virginiana, this vine produces clusters of white flowers. Related to the buttercup, they add a lovely neutral white to your garden. It’s considerably more robust than other types of clematis and you should have an easy time growing it.

If you don’t have a beautiful trellis for your garden yet, these vines and creepers can quickly make the most of one. Try your hand at vertical gardening and get your garden a trellis for this fall.

It will add a stunning wall of color and life to your garden. You can also supplement your garden with autumnal plants like crab apple trees and Cotoneaster. Make autumn an exciting time for the garden.

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