What Causes Cockroaches to Invade Your Home and Garden?

A lot of people have a deep, and very serious terror of cockroaches, interestingly enough, some of them even more so than they do of spiders, or other potentially more dangerous critters. To be fair, there’s something thoroughly unpleasant about cockroaches to justify this fear.


And while many of us believe that cockroaches will only infest homes that are unkempt and dirty, that’s simply not the case. So what exactly is attracting cockroaches to your home or garden?

Because They Can


Cockroaches, as many of you will know, can squeeze through very small spaces, cracks in the floor, in the vents, and so on. Like pretty much any other wild animal, cockroaches visit human homes in search of the same three things: food, water and shelter. And chances are they will find at least one of those things in your home, which brings us to accessibility.

A good way to deter cockroaches from trying to enter your property is by barring access. Something as small as sealing holes and cracks in the foundation, and structure, can make the difference between an infested and uninfested home.

Water Sources


While we often think of food in connection with cockroaches, we rarely consider water, although that as well is a major point of attraction for these undesirable critters. Things like bird baths or pet water bowls can attract cockroaches to your home, as can excess moisture.

So what can you do?

Try not to leave water sources out in the open overnight, or if you do (like a birdbath), make sure you install it a safe distance away from your home, or else the temptation for the cockroaches to enter your home may be overwhelming.

Check With A Professional


Really, cockroaches are tricky creatures. While it can be fairly obvious what you need to do to keep, say, raccoons away, cockroaches can be more difficult. So a good option is to consult with a professional pest removal company, like All Star Animal Trapping.

These companies will be able to come to your property, inspect it, and let you know what you’re doing wrong. What’s attracting animals or roaches to your home? If you feel you’re doing everything right, and yet still seem to be swamped by the undesirable critters on a regular basis, it might be time to contact a professional.

Protect Your Trash


This doesn’t just go for cockroaches, but for most wild animals you probably don’t want on your property. Unfortunately, exposed trash cans are one of the main points of attraction for a hoard of unwanted wildlife, like raccoons, opossums, rats, and so on. Also, for cockroaches, since your trash usually contains much-coveted food for these creatures.

So what can you do? While you can’t physically dispose of your trash every single day far from home, you can store it in a sealed, difficult to topple container. This means that even if a wild animal takes it into its head to rattle your bins, they’ll still have a hard time getting to the good stuff. And since cockroaches aren’t strong enough to topple your bins themselves, they generally depend on larger animals to ravage through your bins, after which they also pay your garbage a visit.

So do yourself a favor and invest in pest-proof garbage disposal options.

Take Extra Care With The Kitchen

All this being said, the old adage is true - a filthy home will appeal to cockroaches, so you want to pay attention to the areas that tend to be the filthiest. Clean your kitchen (and your floors) more often than you do other areas of the house, to reduce crumbs, and other yummy things for cockroaches.

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