Deer Fence Education: How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden

While a deer is one of the most majestic creatures in the animal kingdom, it also brings several dangers in your garden. Deer can actually carry ticks that can become the reason for you and your families to be infected by Lyme disease and brucellosis.


Deer can also cause injuries to your pets and even damage your landscaping. Steer away from all of these problems by keeping deer out of your garden.

Deer fence education shouldn’t be considered as a luxury; it should be treated as a need, especially for homeowners who are living in areas where deer are prevalent.

Here are some tips to finally keep deer out of your garden:

1. Invest In A Deer Fence


More and more businesses now understand the demand of how homeowners are trying to get rid of deer from their properties. Because of this demand, it’s now very easy to look for businesses who are selling deer fence in the market today. If you’re looking for a cheap and convenient way of keeping deer out of your garden, investing in a deer fence is one of the best options for you.

Depending on the kind of deer fence you’ll end up buying, this product usually creates a mild shock the moment a deer comes in contact with it. If you’re leaning towards this direction, make sure to buy a deer fence that fits the size of your garden (the height of your fence should be appropriate to your land area) and your budget.

2. Use Plants And Shrubs That Work As Texture-Based Repellents


There are several plants and shrubs that a deer naturally doesn’t like. Once they come in contact with these plants and shrubs, the deer will change their direction and look for a safer environment to stay.

If this idea is appealing to you, start scouting for daffodils, lamb’s ears, boxwood, and oleander. The texture of these plants and shrubs are unappealing to the deer because all of these are unappealing, prickly, and not pleasant to chew.

If you want to create variety in your garden, plant more than one species. Aside from the tips presented in this article, go ahead and look for online courses, such as, to know more about texture-based repellents.

3. Take The Time To Eliminate Deer Attractants


Deer will only visit your garden if you give them a reason to do so. If you give them a “bait”, expect that a herd will immediately flock to your garden.

To ensure that this will never happen, don’t give them any reason to visit your garden. Harvesting produce from your property is one of the easiest ways of doing this.

If your garden is full of fruits and vegetables, pick them the moment they’re ready. This simple trick will prevent any deer from going into your property because they’ll no longer see or smell something tasty in your garden. If they can’t smell or see any fresh produce from your garden, they won’t think that your property offers an all-you-can-eat buffet for their entire family.

4. Regularly Maintain Your Landscape


A poorly maintained landscape can be an attractive breeding ground for deer. When they see how untrimmed your bushes and shrubs are, they might immediately think that your garden is one of the best places to sleep during the night or rest during the day.

If you don’t want your garden to become the hiding places of the deer, regularly trim all of your plants. Make the area less appealing for a deer. Anything that’ll be used as a cover by the deer should be removed immediately. After all, you want to discourage the deer from hanging out in your garden, not invite them to stay.

5. Let Your Dog Spend A Lot Of Time In Your Garden


Dogs can be a great stress reliever. This is one of the reasons why you might have one in your house right now. But aside from making your life stress-free and fun, are you aware that dogs can also help in keeping deer out from your garden?

Simply let your dog play in your garden for longer hours. If possible, invest in outdoor toys or play with them outdoors. When dogs spot a deer nearby, they’ll likely bark and signal their owners. This reaction will scare the deer away, giving them the idea that your garden isn’t a safe place to graze.

Consistency Is Key

Regardless of the strategy, you’re planning to use to finally have a deer-free garden, remember to be consistent with your efforts. You’ll never be successful in keeping deer out of your garden if you’re only exerting effort for a few weeks or months. The longer you follow a certain strategy, the better results you can achieve.

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