10 Easiest Plants to Grow in Your Garden

So you’ve just moved into your new house and everything seems to be perfect. You like how wide the living room is, that unique kitchen countertop, and how all things seem to fit in the bedrooms.


Finally, you have your own place, which you’re really proud of and happy to be going home to. Then, you go out to bask in the glory of your property and suddenly feel like your house lacks something. You need to grow a garden.


Having a garden in your property doesn’t only add beauty to the overall look of your house. It is also beneficial to you and your family’s health. Even First Lady Michelle Obama attests to this and even published her own book about gardening.

This activity is an effective way to de-stress and if you plant vegetables for your own consumption, you can ensure it’s all organic. This article, however, would discuss 10 easiest garden plants to grow, so you can start beautifying your house and feeling better physically.

Assuming you’re a beginner who just realized a house’s need for a garden, you can choose from these 10 plants:

#1 - Santan

It's easy to find santan flowers in many houses in the country. These plants thrive in bright light, but you have to protect them from direct sunlight in the summer. Soil should always be moist.

#2 - Peanut Plant

We’re not talking about the edible peanut here, okay? This plant grows fast if you just place it in the sunlight. Do you think your garden looks sad? Peanut plants are good in making empty spaces look filled.

#3 - Rhapis

This plant is really low maintenance, you can grow it all year round. You may also put them in the areas not quite touched by direct sunlight. The area just has to be well-lit, while you also supply it with water moderately.

#4 - Ti Plant

Now let’s go to the Hawaiian tropical Ti Plant. You don’t need to water it too often. It even has to be left to dry in between watering. You’ll know when to shower it with some moisture love when the soil becomes dry.

#5 - Bird’s Nest Fern or Dapo

Got some shady areas that are evenly moist? Dapo is great for this type of environment. Just water the soil often and keep the area humid. Never let the Dapo’s soil get dry.

#6 - Bromeliad

You need a pot with a saucer of gravel for this. Partially fill it with water to increase humidity and maintain moisture. However, you shouldn’t let the roots be submerged in the water to avoid it from rotting.

#7 - Kalachuchi

Kalachuchi is considered to be among the most popular Adenium hybrids available in the market. This plant comes in a variety of different colors that are perfect if you want your house to look vibrant. You can choose to grow them indoor or outdoor.

#8 - San Francisco

What’s up with the name? This multicolored plant has been revealed to have the ability to kill a mosquito larva that carries Zika virus. You probably thought of your kids when you read that line.

#9 - Spanish Moss

Despite its name, Spanish Moss is actually a type of flowering plant, not an actual moss. They can grow successfully in a dry climate, providing you water it regularly so it stays moist.

#10 - Schefflera

Also known as Dwarf Umbrella Tree, Schefflera is a native plant in Taiwan. Caring for it is so easy and you may also include in your list of gift ideas to friends. Don’t put your dwarf umbrella tree in pots if you want it to bloom.

All these plants are not only easy to plant, but they are also low maintenance too! You wouldn’t have to be looking troubled in the middle of a meeting at work wondering who’d look after your plants. Perfect for busy and hard-working individuals like you. Remember, your relationship with your garden is mutual - you nurture it, and it would also enrich your life in so many ways.

There you have the 10 easiest garden plants to grow. You’re probably already imagining yourself getting all down and dirty in the soil, but in a good way and smiling. Congratulations on finding your new calling. Go and use your green thumb! It wouldn’t take long until you see yourself looking and feeling healthier and stress-free.

About the Author Laura Bennett

Hello, I’m Laura Bennett. I love nature especially when it comes to flowers and different kinds of plants. I started a very small garden behind my house and I named it Humid Garden. So, I created this blog to provide aspiring and inspiring thoughts about gardening for gardeners and anyone who has the intention of keeping a garden.

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