5 Essential Pieces of Equipment for Your Farm

Life on a farm is very different from life in the city. It isn’t just a matter of more space, less stores and cleaner air. The requirements for farm life are also very different to city life. For starters, there’s the equipment, which tends to be heavy and highly specialized.


The average farm spends 25% of its’ total annual costs on maintaining and purchasing heavy machinery. Some of this machinery is vital to daily operations, other bits are essential for specialized operations to continue.

The other thing about farm equipment is you can’t usually just roll up to a store and buy it. It has to be ordered, regardless of whether you need to order grow equipment or machinery. Let’s take a look at 5 pieces your farm would struggle to operate without.

1. Tractor


The tractor is the most recognizable piece of farm equipment. In fact, if you were asked to name a piece of farm machinery, this is the one most people would pick. It can be used as transport to get across almost any type of terrain, used to pull loads, and they have a massive range of attachments which allow your tractor to complete almost any task on a farm – from raking to mowing, hauling and pushing, a tractor can do it all.

On smaller farms a compact tractor might be enough, but on a farm above the 50-acre mark you’d be better served with a full-size tractor. If funds and space allow, it can even be a good choice to go with a full size AND a compact one, or an ATV in its place.

2. Tractor Implements


The tractor itself is vital machinery, but it’s the implements which give it real functionality. Buying the right attachments for your needs is important if you want to live an easier life. The right attachments can turn a massive task into a breeze.

3. Pickup Truck

pickup truck

Much like a tractor, a pickup truck is essential for most farmers. These vehicles can blast through the rough and muddy terrain of a farm with ease, and they can be used to move all kinds of stuff around the farm, from livestock to feed. A flatbed truck has bigger carrying capabilities, and be sure to choose a 4WD version unless your farm is on the ground where that definitely won’t be needed.

4. Grow Equipment


Using the right grow equipment can make a big difference to your farms production. It can be basic equipment such as fertilizers or the use of specialist soils. On the other hand, some farms go the whole hog with an entire indoor setup, utilizing artificial lights and air/environment control to ensure the best results.

5. Handcarts


This one gets overlooked a lot, probably because it isn’t as big or specialized as the other items. A good handcart can be used to transport almost anything, and they’re small enough to own multiple if you need them. Carts tend to be just the right size for most farm needs, whether that’s moving bales of hay or mounds of feed.

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