9 Seriously Cool Garden Edging Ideas You Will Have Never Thought About

If you thought that edging in your garden had to be rather plain and boring, then think again. Instead, with a bit of imagination and a willingness to try something a bit different, there is no reason why you cannot end up with something that is rather cool and unique.

Well, that is how we think and to help we have pulled together 9 garden edging ideas that we think you will love.


1. Seashells for a Touch of Nature


Now, when we talk about seashells, we are clearly only thinking about those larger varieties. Something along the lines of the quahog would be perfect. They are large, impressive, and the most important thing of all is that they make a real statement. In addition, the way in which they provide a contrast in texture as well as color is a major standout.

With this, you are best to leave them natural and to not interfere with them too much. However, do consider placing them at various angles just to help make things more interesting. Of course, you can also use smaller shells to create a shell path just to be different. Collect them, lay them out roughly and see what appeals to you the most.

2. Cinder Blocks Allow Additional Planting

If you thought that cinder blocks would be ugly as edging, then think again. Instead, all it takes is some imagination on your part and they can look stunning. What most people do is to add in some soil and then plants so that they are not just edging but also become a real feature and a focal point for your garden.

Of course, you can also paint them in whichever color you wish. It is also possible to part bury them to different depths to give varying heights. Also, consider using trailing plants inside the cinder blocks if you are worried about how they will look. There are more options to cinder blocks than you realize.

3. Logs Can Provide More Options


Logs do not have to be too cumbersome as it is just all about how you go ahead and use them in your garden, also perfect for those living in apartments like apartments in West Lake Hills. Now, there is one option which involves them being laid horizontally, but we want to be rather different. Instead, you should look at using them vertically. It looks very natural and yet also makes it easier to build up the bed itself.

Logs can be cut, stained, and even placed at angles. Think your layout through first and even play around with different options. The main thing is you can then build up the bed inside using the height to your advantage. Also, just preserve the wooden part that is going into the ground. By doing so, your log edging will last for longer without rotting.

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4. Bottles Add a Rustic Touch


If you do not have too much cash, then bottles can be a good option. The best part is the variety that can be used so it really is going to be unique. You can then effectively create your own designs according to what is available.

This approach to edging is best for those gardens that are a bit less formal. Indeed, most will use them in a rustic way due to their appearance. Do not be afraid to use different shapes, sizes and colors of glass to create your finished look. However, do remove labels first as it gets messy and can spoil the look that you hope to achieve.

5. Stone Edging Need Not Be Boring


You can also use stones in a variety of ways. For example, using stones to create basically a thin pathway between flower bed and path or lawn can look amazing. You just have to consider the stones, how they are laid out and then to cement them into place.

Stones are so varied in their appearance that the options are endless. It is best to lay them out first and see what you think of the design before going any further. Our advice is to consider the thin path option to separate things out. You can make it straight or weave it around, the choice is up to you.

6. Using Hub Caps for Alternative Recycling


If you tend to see hub caps at the side of the road, then pick them up. This may sound strange, but planted vertically does lead to a unique looking edging in your garden. Of course, you will be able to get different sizes and styles and placement can be tough. However, they do then give a curved top effect and they will certainly become a talking point as well.

Some people may spray paint the hub caps different colors. Others prefer to leave them as they are so the choice is up to you. The only other point is that this may not be the best idea for a very precise garden. Also, it is not modern, but at the same time it is certainly cool and completely different. The fact you could pick them up for free is another huge bonus.

7. Using Herbs to Add Some Greenery


Of course, you can also use live materials for your edging. One particularly popular method is to line paths or beds with low growing herbs. Not only will they give off a wonderful scent, but they add a lush green color to your edging. You have a range of options available although lavender is always going to be popular.

The only thing to remember is that herbs can spread. Check the variety you are using or your edging will start to look messy so maintenance may be essential. Rosemary or thyme in particular can also be an effective option for you to use in this instance.

8. Old Railway Sleepers Add a Strong Look


Railway sleepers are fantastic as an edging material. Not only are they large and bulky, but they provide some amazing straight lines. Also, you can layer them to produce low-level walls if you wish to add some height to your edging. It is also perfect for those individuals that have tiers to their garden. They are easy to buy, can be cut to size, stained and will last for years.

They can also be used for a modern look as well as something more rustic. This can be determined by the finish to the sleeper. You can stain them and have them cut with right angles for a modern look. Alternatively, leave them more natural looking for the rustic look.

9. Mosaic Edging Gives You Some Creativity


For this, you need to be able to mix cement. By using cement and creating your own low walls, you can then add in broken tiles of various colors. This creates a mosaic like effect and the best part is that the design might be one of the most exciting garden wedding decoration ideas. It is entirely up to you as to the colors you use, the layout, how much is covered and everything else.

The only thing to remember is to avoid sharp edges. It is always best for this edging to be more flowing than anything else. Of course, you may be restricted by the shapes you create with the cement, but that is something that can be worked on.

Choosing Your Garden Edging

The nine ideas listed above are not the only things you can use for edging. However, they have given you an idea of what is available if you only put your mind to it. Bear in mind that some of these edging solutions will make mowing the lawn a bit tricky. To most effectively reach those difficult edges, you might consider using a grass trimmer.

Overall, you should look at using materials or designs that really compliment the space. Look at the complete design you hope to achieve and then have edging that fits in. You are really not restricted to what you can use if stop and think about it. Size of space, thickness of edging, or shape does not matter.

There are no restrictions only those that you place upon yourself due to simply not being creative enough to begin with. If you have any cool garden edging ideas to share, let us know your experience using the comments section below.

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