How to Create an Eco-Friendly Garden and Greenhouse Using Solar Panels

Going green is no longer a fad but a necessity. While the movement did start off as a fad among the environmentally conscious, today, everyone must make an effort to go green in some way or another as the effects of climate change become more pressing and apparent.


If you have a garden or greenhouse, there are some ways you can go green to help conserve energy, water and reduce the use of dangerous pesticides and fertilizers.

Among the more common ways of making your garden and greenhouse greener are subsistence gardening (growing your own food), going fully organic in your gardening efforts, using non-GMO, untreated seeds, fostering permaculture, among others. These are effective ways of going green.

There is another way you can turn your garden and greenhouse greener, and that is by having a solar installer install solar units in your garden and greenhouse. Here is how you can do it.

Green Structures


When building your greenhouse, try and integrate some solar panels into the structure. To avoid obscuring the sun, you can add panels at intervals in the roofing of your greenhouse. You can also use solar panels as shade for your seedlings. If you have a shed where you store your gardening implements, you can also have the roof made of solar panels.

These and other structures provide a great opportunity to integrate solar panels into your overall structures. The net effect of doing this is you provide more power to your home grid while still enjoying the benefits of the various garden and greenhouse structures you have.

Green Energy


With more panels installed, you can use less of grid energy and contribute in a small way to an overall reduction in carbon emissions. Reducing your carbon footprint can be part of the reason to use solar panels in your garden and greenhouse.

The other obvious reason is that you will have available green energy to run the various processes that require energy in your greenhouse and garden. Whether these are pumps for your irrigation system or lighting or other processes.

In general, you will find that with solar panels in place, your garden and greenhouse can run completely off-grid, something any sustainable farmer would be proud of.

Green Water


Freshwater is growing scarce. As cities grow and urban populations burgeon, pressure on freshwater sources continues to increase. As a sustainable farmer, this should be of great concern to you. Using solar panels can help you play a small part in this.

First solar panels do a fantastic job of creating runoff water when it rains. Have some gutters and downspouts to harvest this rainwater. As solar panels tend to have smooth surfaces, this rainwater will also be quite clean.

Secondly, you can use the sustainable energy you harvest from your solar panels to pump water from sustainable water sources in your area. This could be a pond, lake, stream or river. Doing this after getting the necessary permits from your local authorities can help reduce the pressure on communal water sources exploited for mass utilization.

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