Tips for Turning Your Gardening Hobby Into a Growing Business

Everyone has a hobby. Some people enjoy bowling or comic book collecting. Some ride their motorcycles or play video games. Others enjoy being out in the sun, straw hat protecting their faces and necks, gloved hands in the dirt, knee pads making it comfortable to be on the ground. Others enjoy gardening as their hobby. It is their pastime, their passion.


You can turn your passion for flowers and gardening into a viable business. Many people turn their hobbies into a source of income. Some are able to turn it into a full-time job while others do it to as a side gig to earn a little extra money. However, you choose to do it is your decision, but if you are serious about making your hobby into a business, here are several tips to making it happen.



Share your knowledge with others who have the same love of annuals and perennials as you do. Create your own website — it’s easy to do thanks to the many templates and hosting companies on the Internet. You can categorize it however you like, but keep in mind your audience. They will want your site to be easy to navigate and full of helpful tips.



The knowledge you provide will not bring in money; you will not be charging for the use of your site. It will be from the advertising that is done on your site that will generate revenue. The traffic your site receives will draw companies to your website and pay for different placement of their ads on your site.

One way to increase traffic to your site would be through blogging. You can get closer to your audience by discussing your passion for gardening and posting videos and pictures of your projects. Stay active on your blog and more readers will discover your website, which will bring in even more money as advertisers compete for the right to advertise on it.



By becoming an affiliate of a company like Amazon or another online store, you can generate money just by inserting links to products from those stores. Each time a purchase is made from someone clicking on your link, you earn a percentage or fee from that purchase. If you live by a certain plant food or pest control product and link to it on your blog, you may have just made yourself some money.



Starting a landscaping business can be difficult because there is so much competition out there. Since it will be just you to start, you will want to take on small projects in the area, and you probably won’t want to get involved with hardscaping. For that, you will need a lot of heavy equipment and a lot of extra hands. Stick with planting trees and shrubs, building retaining walls and walkways, and laying down rock beds.

Truck Rental


Since gardening started as just a hobby, you may not have a vehicle capable of moving materials such as those bushes or wall blocks from the home improvement store to your client’s home. For that reason, you may need to rent a truck. Choose the right size truck for the job so that you can get as much moved in as little time as possible.



If your thumb is truly green, you can sell the plants that you grow. Mostly for perennials, shrubbery, and trees, you can spend time giving a small selection the tender, loving, care it needs to blossom into the best, most beautiful plant possible. You can then sell these plants online to other gardening enthusiasts who will appreciate them just as much as you do. In time, who knows; you may have enough demand to expand into your own greenhouse.

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