Characteristics Of A Great and Healthy Lawn

Besides having a properly trimmed hedge and well-maintained garden and house, you need to have a great lawn to complement your good looking compound. Many homeowners in Baltimore desire to have great lawns, but end up frustrated when there are patches or dried grass in the compound.


Of course, overgrown and lawn full of pests are other reasons many homeowners give up on their lawns. However, lawn care doesn’t require much of professionalism, especially if you got tips from an expert lawn care services on what to be doing routinely to maintain a healthy lawn.


Routine Practices for Your Lawn

Some of the routine practices that these experts will recommend include:

Well, some of these services could be difficult and tricky for you to carry out, especially mowing an overgrown lawn, filling up patches, keeping it free from pests and diseases, and even fertilizing. You may mow your lawn very lowly which instead of growing and becoming vibrate it withers and starts decaying. Again, fertilizing with the wrong fertilizer can easily cause your grass to dry.

Pests and diseases can completely destroy your lawn and you may not know which pest or disease is making your lawn grass to dry daily. This is where you need professionals from Baltimore lawn care service to look at the cause of your problem and deal with it. So what can make you say your lawn is healthy and no need of having the lawn care services?

Features Of A Healthy Lawn

1. It is Well-Leveled

You will not find any places within the lawn that have holes or lack grass. In order to fill those holes, you can call professional do yourself if you have time. However, professional services are always better. Bumps can also be sliced if they are higher than the usual level.

2. Weed-Free

Your Baltimore lawn care service can help you when it comes to controlling weeds. You can decide to pull by hand, hand cutting or using a herbicide. Using herbicide can be tricky, especially when you don’t have thorough knowledge of the chemical to use. A professional lawn care services will be needed.

3. Good Color

Of course, a healthy lawn should be dark-green and shiny in color. A hungry lawn that needs some fertilizing and manure will always be yellow and dull. You can decide, by the guidance of a professional to do the liquid feeding and to water adequately and frequently as guided. Liquid fertilizers usually work faster than granular although they are expensive.

4. Cut At The Right Height

Avoid cutting the grass too low else you might have the grassroots exposed to the sun rays and that means your grass drying. Cut the grass at an optimum height depending on the type of your grass.

5. Pest And Disease-Free

A healthy lawn is not infested with pests and diseases. Using the right pesticides will require you to depend on the Baltimore lawn care service to do the job for you.


Having a healthy lawn is not for aesthetic purposes only, but it can increase the value of your home in case you are planning to sell it. The above tips will always enable you to identify an unhealthy lawn. So, is your lawn healthy?

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