Helpful Lawn Care Tips for New Homeowners

Maintaining a beautiful and verdant lawn is no easy task but the results are visible and will make you proud! Whether you purchase a house that already has a beautiful patch of green or there is the need to saw grass seeds, you should know a thing or two about proper lawn upkeep.


The experience of purchasing a new home is not complete until there is a luminous lawn in front of your house.

Weeding Out the Lawn


If you have plans to use the lawn for any sort of landscaping project, then you will soon realize that weeds stand in your way. Contrary to popular belief, weeds attack all plants, including grass and they can wreak havoc across your lawn.

What is more, weeds are hard to fight against because they have deep roots so whenever you pluck them out, they just grow back. Pulling weeds out by hand is a tedious but effective method; just don’t forget to use a shovel to sever and remove the root system. Avoid the use of toxic chemicals because they can damage the lawn as well.

Watering the Lawn Regularly is Essential


The beautiful color green a healthy lawn emanates is mostly thanks to exposure to sun and water. While the former can be found in abundance, water is something you should take care of. Namely, you cannot rely on rainfall because it is irregular so your lawn is in danger of getting scorched during summer months.

Watering should primarily be carried out regularly. Furthermore, try to spread the water equally across each section of the lawn, even in the hard-to-reach corners. As far as the time of the day ideal for watering the lawn, as with all plants, morning or noon (in summer) are ideal periods because the soil will have time to soak in the water before the night chill.

Mowing the Lawn


Before you turn into a real green thumb caring for your lawn, you’ll need some tools of the trade. You can find out more about the best garden tools at but the machine you’ll be using the most is the lawnmower.

When selecting the right lawnmower, look at the height the blades are positioned at. Most people get distracted by the sharpness and the quality of the blades but it should be considered normal that the blades are made from stainless steel or titanium.

A more important factor is the height that the blades operate at because you can destroy the lawn if you cut the grass too low. On average, your lawn will need mowing at least once a week, depending on the weather and the season. Furthermore, the height of individual blades should not be less than 5 cm because any height shorter than this number will basically invite pests and disease to destroy the grass.

Landscaping: Mulch and Stone


A well-kept lawn is decorative on its own but you should engage in some extra landscaping because it will prove beneficial for the health of the lawn. For instance, an efficient method of fighting the appearance of the aforementioned weeds is mulch.

You can spread colorful mulch you can get from a garden center along pathways and the edges of the lawn to prevent weeds from invading the lawn you’ve worked so hard to maintain. As an alternative, you can use stone or pebbles to border off the lawn. These two landscaping materials are cheap to acquire but offer huge benefits in terms of weed control and aesthetics.

Buying a property is something to look forward to but this great advantage in the modern world comes with a set of responsibilities. One of them is curb appeal that there is nothing better to boost with than a verdant lawn. Stick to the advice we gave you in the paragraphs above and your lawn will be the envy of the whole neighborhood.

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