How Do I Decorate My Indoor Garden? [Here’s The Answer]

Most of you have a hobby of gardening, but you do not have enough space for vegetable gardens, patio planters, or flower beds. If you still want to do gardening, then opt for an indoor garden.


Whether you live in a small flat or a big house, you can enjoy greenery inside your house with indoor gardens. Indoor garden plants can change the entire look of the room. It makes your interiors look lavish and lively.

You can also feel the freshness and a positive spirit in the room. Here are some inspiring ideas for fantastic indoor garden design:

#1 - Floating Shelf Garden

To design a garden in less space, choose the floating shelf concept. Floating shelves are the best option to display the indoor plants from floor to ceiling. Floating shelves also give a stylish look to indoor garden.

You can set plants on shelves based on their light inclination. You can even rotate them on shelves when required to keep them healthy. Floating shelves take very little functional space. Plus, the visual outcome is fabulous.

#2 - Wall Art

Do not keep the walls of the indoor garden plain. Hang beautiful art pieces inspired by nature to grace the concept of indoor garden. You can hang a large art piece or multiple small art pieces as per space.

You can hang nature painting related to flowers, beaches, forests, wildlife or landscapes. They will add texture, color, and visual appeal to your room. Apart from increasing the aesthetic value of home, it helps to create a relaxed and calm environment.

#3 - Ladder Planter/Ladder Shelf

Do you have an old ladder? If yes, then why not use it for decoration purposes. You can use an old ladder to keep pots in it. Ladder can be transformed into an amazing pot holder.

It is a perfect and unique way for keeping the indoor plants organized. Ladder shelf takes less surface space and holds plants. It makes an interesting visual display of indoor plants in the garden.

#4 - Indoor Zen or Japanese Garden

You can add a beautiful addition to your home by introducing an indoor Zen or Japanese garden. When it is combined with water features, flowers of different colors or succulents, it adds calmness to your space.

It is an interesting way to add color and style to a room. It can also impress the guests and will become a piece of discussion.

#5 - Tapestry Art

Are you low on space? If yes, then you can select tapestry art that is a vertical indoor gardening style which requires handyman skills. Tapestry art provides you a space you need to hang luscious indoor plants.

It is easy to mount the tapestry planters from the ceiling to make a hanging garden. This maximalist style shows how colorful plant hammocks and leafy friends can be. It can make a fun statement in the room.

For a unique approach, you can grow the plants hydroponically by using glass planters. The only thing that matters is that the end product should be a clean aesthetic, and space saving.

#6 - Use Utility Cart to Hold Pots

Utility carts can be easily found in stores. People use it for different purposes such as waiters use it to hold utensils or barbers use it to store the cutting items. But you can also use it creatively at your home.

If you are short of space, then you can hold planters in utility carts. It is a unique and amazing way to save space and decorate an indoor garden. In a utility cart, you can move plants from one place to another easily.

#7 - Tabletop Planter

Place the rustic planter on your centre table, dining table or kitchen windowsill for a bit of greenery effect. The planter can be made from scrap wood painted with chalk paint. Or it can be mason jars filled with soil and herbs.

It can also become a center-piece for a dining table or centre table. It is a type of art piece that will bring freshness to the room.

# 8 - Kitchen Garden

Herbs are usually popular in kitchen gardens, but they are not only plants that can flourish your cooking area. You can also hang or place other plants in the kitchen as they make the space feel lively and fresh.

You can also grow herbs in vintage teacups that are no longer in use. They will look amazing in kitchen interiors and you will be able to produce your own herbs. This is also an interesting way to use recycled cups.

If you grow a windowsill herb garden in the kitchen, it gives an incredibly refreshing look. It can also be very delightful to have fresh herbs at arm’s length when you prepare the homemade specialties.

#9 - Bathroom Planter

Your bathroom can be an excellent location for plants. Whether you stack a few plants on a shelf, place them near the wash basin or hang them from the ceiling. It will give a beautiful look to the bathroom.

You can place simple terracotta pots or cacti for decoration. They will give a striking display to the bathroom. The plants help enliven the bathroom space and add interest to a viewer.

It is a perfect way to transform bathroom interiors into tropical oasis. If you like to enjoy a long bath in a tub, then there is nothing more relaxing and calming than being surrounded with lush vegetation.

#10 - Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are an interesting and great way to display various plants if you desire to keep your floors clear and uncluttered. They work as an excellent accent to build an indoor garden. They can establish the presence of nature from floor to ceiling.


There are a lot of ideas to inspire you to establish your own indoor garden. But before you start, make sure to check what you want to grow. While doing indoor gardening, you do not have to worry about the weather.

But you still need to keep seasonal factors in mind and the role they play in the growth of plants.

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