How High Can Rabbits Jump? I Am Curious to Know

Have you ever just sat back and started thinking about something silly yet you could not stop thinking about it?

That happened to me the other day after seeing a rabbit out in the field hopping around. All day long I could not stop thinking about exactly how high can rabbits jump?


 I was thinking about it so much I decided I just had to find out for myself. To tell you the truth I was surprised, there was so much information available on this subject. Here is what I found out if you are curious.

Why Are Rabbits Such Good Jumpers?

A Rabbit

Rabbit anatomy holds the key as to what makes them such good jumpers. Their musculoskeletal structure is perfectly suited for jumping.

They have very powerful hind legs that consist of the biggest muscles in their body. Their leg structure is such that they get a powerful push off the ground with their very muscular rear legs.

It is interesting to note that experts land only using their much weaker front legs. Experts believe this is necessary in case they are being chased and need their hind legs to leap again quickly.

What Are The Reasons That Rabbits Jump?

Rabbits Jumping

There are two main reasons that a rabbit jumps naturally. Let’s take a little closer look at them.

1. Flight From Danger

Of course the most obvious answer as to why rabbit leap is to get away from danger. Hopping is a survival instinct. The way they both jump up and leap in different directions quickly have saved many a rabbit from being eaten.

2. Happiness

Most people do not realize it but rabbits leap to show joy too. There is even a name for this action. It’s called a ‘binkie’. When a rabbit does this they jump straight up and contort themselves in strange ways while doing it.

Can Rabbits Be Trained To Jump Higher?

Rabbits Training

Many people do not know that rabbits can actually be trained to jump. That’s right; people actually take the time to teach an animal that jumps naturally to jump in the way they want them too.

That is almost as strange as dwelling on the question all day as to how high rabbits can jump.

If you own a rabbit and you are curious as to how this is done, then here is a video to help get you started:

Rabbit Jumping Competitions

So once you train your rabbit to jump, what do you do with it? Well, of course, you will want to enter it into a rabbit jumping competition if your rabbit is good enough.

The very fact that they actually have competitions for this sort of thing leads me to believe that there is a competition for just about anything you can think of.

Not only is there established competitions for rabbit jumping but they are actually quite popular in some countries. Countries that have places that are known to have annual competitions are Germany, Denmark, Sweden and a few others in that region.

Here is a fun YouTube clip taken at a rabbit jumping competition:

What is The Longest Recorded Jump By A Rabbit?

I guess if you really want to know how high rabbits can jump there is no better place to go than the record books. Rabbit leaps have actually been recorded and kept track of at various times during history.

One of the most reliable sources is that of the “Guinness Book of World Records”. The reason for that is every record that is recorded in there must be verified and have been witnessed. I was pleased to learn they did have an entry on the longest recorded jump by a rabbit.

The “Guinness Book of World Records” states that the highest recorded jump by a rabbit in history is 99.5 cm (39.2 in). The famous Danish bred rabbit that accomplished this feat was named ‘Mimrelunds Tösen’. That is a pretty incredible leap for such a small animal.

Here is some more video of amazing rabbit jumping taken at the Danish Championships in 2010:

Summing Up What I Learned About How High Rabbits Jump

It turns out there is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to rabbit jumping and the amazing heights they reach. They are very powerful small creatures for sure. It was interesting to find out that rabbits even jump just for fun.

So how high is it that a rabbit can jump? Well until the world record is broken that would be 99.5 cm (39.2 in). But with the popularity of rabbit jumping competitions, don’t be surprised if that record falls sometime soon.

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