How Much Does A Roof Replacement Cost?

Your roof has seen better days. And while it's still kicking along, it's definitely due for a change. So, now you're wondering: how much does a roof replacement cost?


The answer: it depends. Below, we're going to get into the specifics of roofing costs, covering the costs of different roofing materials as well as the cost of roofing installation services.

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Cost By Material

There are a variety of different roofing materials available, each of which provides its own benefits and drawbacks. As you might expect, these materials come at a range of different costs. We'll review the cost of each material below.

Asphalt Shingles

The cheapest of all roofing materials are asphalt shingles. The most common roofing material in existence, these can be purchased for between $100 and $200 per square (a square is 100 square feet).

Note, though, that there are different types of asphalt shingles on the market. The most common are 3-tab shingles, which can be purchased for between $100 and $120 per square; next up are dimensional shingles, which can be purchased for between $120 and $150; the most expensive is architectural shingles, which can be purchased for between $150 and $200.

These shingles can last anywhere from 20 to 35 years. While they're not the most durable roofing material there is, they offer quite a bit of bang for their buck. Requiring very little in the way of maintenance, then incur almost no costs over time.

Aluminum Shingles

Aluminum shingles are a definite upgrade from asphalt shingles, not only in terms of aesthetics but in terms of functionality as well. Designed to look like slate and cedar shakes, they can definitely help your home to stand out from the rest.

They possess good durability as well, lasting between 40 and 60 years. And because they're resistant to both water and sunlight, they require almost no maintenance.

Their cost, you ask? Generally speaking, you can find them for between $250 and $400. This makes them one of the best budgets buys in the world of modern roofing materials. Estimate roof replacement cost in more detail by clicking the preceding link.

Cedar Shakes

Another roofing material you might consider is cedar shakes. These wood slabs provide a unique, textured aesthetic that is different from any other roof you might encounter.

Note, though, that cedar shakes come at a high price. In most cases, they'll cost somewhere between $400 and $500 per square. That's 4 to 5 times the cost of asphalt shingles!

It's important to note, though, that cedar shakes last a lot longer than asphalt shingles as well. In many cases, they can thrive for between 50 and 60 years. And though they require some level of maintenance, their maintenance needs are fairly limited.

So, while they're definitely expensive, they also provide you with a decent amount of bang for their buck. As such, if you're into their unique aesthetic, they're worth a purchase.

Metal Panels

If you're looking for a low-maintenance, high-durability material, you might consider going with metal panels. Metal panels are built to withstand all types of wear and tear, including the wear and tear brought on by water, sunlight, and physical trauma. On average, metal panels last between 50 and 70 years.

Though they don't possess the exotic aesthetic of a material like cedar shakes, metal panels are still highly attractive. They'll definitely help your home to stand out among the rest.

Note, though, that they come at a bit of a cost. Like cedar shakes, metal panels cost around $400 and $500 per square. However, considering their exceptional durability and low need for maintenance, they are actually quite a bargain.

If you have a lot of money stowed away, opting for metal panels wouldn't be a bad idea. You'll lose a lot of money in the short-term but will save a lot in the long-term.

Clay Tiles

Looking for a truly high-end material? If so, you might consider opting for clay tiles. Often found in southwestern states like Arizona, New Mexico, and California, clay tiles possess a unique aesthetic that can transform the overall look of a property.

But that isn't all clay tiles are good for. They're also absurdly durable, capable of lasting for well over 100 years. Extremely resistant to water and sunlight, they require almost no maintenance whatsoever (occasional cleanings will be needed).

Of course, with all of their benefits, they come at a high cost. Generally speaking, they'll run you between $500 and $600 per square. And depending on your installers' experience with them, they could cost you even more.

But if you want that unique aesthetic, they're certainly worth the extra dough. That exceedingly long lifespan doesn't hurt either.


Maybe you'd like your home to look like the homes of hundreds of years ago? If so, you should consider going with slate. Slate roofing is essentially fashioned stone; it's installed in a way similar to that of asphalt shingles and is highly effective in every respect.

Not only does slate possess an undeniably classic and regal look, but it's also extremely durable, lasting for well over 100 years. Needing almost nothing in the way of maintenance, it scarcely ever needs to be touched.

Like clay tiles, slate is available for between $500 and $600 per square. Yes, that's an exceedingly high price. But when you break it down to cost per year, it's actually fairly reasonable.

So, if you have the money available, you should consider it a viable option. Sure, it will outlive you. But if you ever sell your home, you'll be able to list it for much higher than you would otherwise.

Roof Replacement Cost Varies Wildly

As you can see, roof replacement cost varies wildly from material to material. But whatever your budget, you should be able to find a material that's appropriate for you.

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