How To Build a Wooden Fence for Your Garden

A wooden fence can enhance your garden’s natural aesthetics, provide a security barrier and increase your privacy. While it seemed a challenging task, State Fencing - Fence Company New Orleans has shared their long experiences of fence installation and you can build the fence easily, if you follow these steps..


Preparing Stage

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Check local housing regulations. Check guidelines or ordinances in your city or neighborhood about fencing. You may need to secure a permit for building a fence because there might be electrical, gas, water or sewer lines underneath the site you will be digging to. In which case, you may opt to ask your local utility companies to check the site and mark the areas where these lines are placed to ensure safety.

Find your property line. Make sure that you’re building your fence within your lot boundaries. Hire a land surveyor to accurately mark your property line.

Planning Stage


Measure lot area. Measure the lot area to be fenced with a measuring tape to estimate the materials you’ll need. Note that you must allot some space between the fence and the actual planting area so that you can move around your garden. Also, measure the height you want your fence to be. Check your city ordinances on fence heights.

Design your fence. Design includes selecting the materials you plan to use and deciding the style of your fence. An excellent choice of wood for fencing is cedar and cypress. This is important to ensure that your fence can last long. However, you can opt to buy prefabricated treated woods that are readily available in the market that also comes with different design options.

Prepare other materials and tools. Prepare stakes, gravel, cement, water, and nails or screws. For tools, prepare a shovel, string, pail, a leveler, spacer, a hammer or screwdriver. Because wood is your main material, a saw is very important.

The size, materials and design of your fence will help you estimate the budget you need for building the fence.

Construction Stage

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Square the corners. Roughly place stakes to mark the corners of your fence. Tie a string that will connect the stakes to square the corners of the lot to be fenced. This will essentially specify where your fence will be built.

Stake the middle posts. After you've squared the corners, put stakes in between corner stakes to mark support posts. Posts are usually 8-12 feet apart. However, more posts can make the fence sturdier. Estimate how many support posts you need and put a stake to mark where you want to place them.

Dig holes. Dig the holes for the posts using a shovel. The hole should be deep enough to bury about 1/3 the length of the post and wide enough to fit the post and some cement.

Set Post. Put some gravel at bottom of the holes before placing a post. Place post on hole. Make sure that it is aligned with the square corners. Fill the hole with concrete for a compact fit while holding the post in place. Do the same step for all posts. Let the cement dry and harden for at least two weeks and for all posts to settle into place.

Add rails. Attach at least two rails or horizontal support boards to the posts, one at the top and another at the bottom. You can opt to add one more in the middle of the two rails.

Add picket boards. Once the rails are in place, nail or screw the pickets or vertical boards at the railings. Use a spacer block or any material to standardize the spaces in placing the board.

Treat wood. To improve the durability of your fence, you can opt to add a weather-proofing finish to the boards like paint or varnish.

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