How To Build Your Own Herb Garden

Been planning to spice things up in your cooking? Then everything is all about using herbs. Be it a pasta or stew, herbs can be used in just about everything in just about anyway. And what makes it even tastier is if it is freshly picked.


We’ll teach you to build your own herb garden with only a minimal amount of effort, money, and time. It is not as hard as it sounds. All you need is an open mind and willingness to put those green thumbs of yours into good use.

Step 1: Choose Your Location

Choose your location

It all boils down to your preference and convenience. Do you want it near your kitchen where you can easily get fresh herbs while cooking? Or do you want it in a large area where you can plant a lot and be flexible in arranging your herb garden?

Regardless of the reason, it all depends on you. Just don’t forget to consider exposure to sunlight and constant water irrigation which are both essential to maintaining a robust plant health.

Step 2: Prepare the Area

Prepare the area

Taking care of your herb garden is similar to taking care of a baby. You prepare the crib, the toys, the pillows, stuff toys, and just about everything in the room. Essentially, there is no difference as you have to prepare the structure of your garden herb, the soil, even the irrigation system to ensure soil moisture and such.

Just make sure that your soil is the right mix. As recommended and tested by experts, using coco peat will greatly improve the performance of your product as it has nutrients such as Zinc, Potassium, Manganese and other essential minerals. Measuring the place too will help you to plan extensively on the number of plants and the appropriate working area for you.

Step 3: Secure the Area

Secure the area

Security of your herbs is important. You wouldn’t want anyone stepping and disarranging them. The key thing here is to use pre-cut wooden fixtures that can be easily assembled and change anytime you see fit.

Though you wouldn’t want to regularly change its position every now and then, hence you need to plan and choose the right type of wood that is durable and will not easily succumb to weathering. Nets can serve as an ideal canopy for your garden as sunlight and water can easily pass through its fine mesh.

Step 4: Choose Your Herbs

Choose your herbs

Choose between seeds and starter plants. While most will advise you to choose one over the other, it is important to assess what you truly need. Do you want to know whether the plant is healthy or not, then you better choose starter plants but if you wish to start from scratch and work your ass off a little, then using seeds will be a better choice for you.

Again, it all boils down to you. For the plants you can plant, you can consider the staple herbs like basil, mint, oregano, parsley, thyme, rosemary and many more. Just be cognizant about the different soil and care requirement of each plant as they tend to be rigorous than the other.

Step 5: Plant Your Herbs

Plant your herbs

After choosing which suits you best. It is time to plant your herbs. It isn’t as cumbersome as you might actually think. It just involves a bit of digging holes, ensuring each herb has a safe distance from the other and ascertaining that plants must be submerged at least in 2 inches of water a week to maintain a safe margin of moisture for plants to thrive.

Step 6: Care and Harvesting

Care and Harvesting

Herbs do not grow overnight. They need constant care for them to flourish. This entails regular schedule of grooming and caring for your herb garden.

Similar to other things, your herb garden entails a lot of responsibility and part of this is regular harvesting. Contrary to popular belief, regular collecting of produce helps in maintaining a healthy produce for your herbs. It allows them to continually grow and generate more food to keep them healthy and alive.

Building a herb garden is indeed convenient and a complete luxury altogether as you will need a space outside to do this. But if you live in an apartment or condominium you can consider engaging to container gardening.

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