How to Elevate Your Outdoor Living and Actually Enjoy Time Outside

We’ve all set that goal to get outdoors more, spend some time in the sun, and soak up the vitamin D we know we all need.


However, it’s a lot easier said than done. One great tip to try if you actually want to make good on those promises to yourself is to put some effort into making your outdoor space somewhere you actually want to be. An untidy, lifeless backyard doesn’t hold much appeal to anyone, but if you put some work into it, it could be a great place to spend your time.

Here are some ideas to help you take your backyard to the next level.

Furnish with Flourish

A ratty old plastic table that’s falling apart from sun damage isn’t really anyone’s cup of tea, and you’re not going to be enticed to enjoy your breakfast out there.

If you really want to feel comfortable in your outdoor space, why not invest in some luxury outdoor furniture? Spending some money on a patio dining set or some outdoor sofas might help encourage you to actually make use of them more often, and they’ll also make your patio a whole lot more comfortable and enjoyable to spend time on. You can decorate the space too and make it look gorgeous and inviting.

Clean Up the Landscaping

If your backyard's actual ‘yard’ aspect seems to be lacking, it might be time for a transformation. If you’re not the green thumb type, you might want to hire some professionals or even call in for help from your friends and family to make your yard look pretty again.

Keep the lawn trimmed and neat, and add some flowers and bushes to make the space look full of life. You can incorporate a bird feeder or a water feature, and if you feel like taking on an outdoor hobby, you might even consider creating a vegetable and herb garden to take care of!

Add Something to Do

Adding something intriguing, like a hammock to your patio or a swimming pool (if you want to go big), can make going outside more enticing. Invest in a barbeque and pick one night a week to make and eat dinner outdoors.

If you have kids, then incorporating a jungle gym, splash pool, or sandpit will make the backyard exciting on a whole new level and, hopefully, drag them away from the television more often. You’ll be able to keep the whole family entertained and happy in the backyard.

Make it Social

If you want to spend more time outdoors, it’s a good idea to bring others into your plans. Instead of telling yourself you’ll sit outside and read a book after work, plan backyard dinner parties, lunch dates, barbeques, and cocktail nights on your patio!

Make sure you have space to host and think about hanging up some twinkle lights or lanterns to enhance the lighting. A set of speakers (or even a Bluetooth one), and you’re all set for backyard summer parties!

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