How to Ensure Your Garden is Dog-Safe This Summer

During the summer months its important to keep your dog in and around the house to avoid them going on long walks in the heat, so you need to ensure your garden is safe for them to enjoy.


You don’t want your dog to have to stay indoors when the weather is beautiful, but there are certain things you should do to make sure they are cool enough and comfortable when spending time outside.

Avoid Dangerous Plants

dog smelling plants

It's no secret that dogs are curious creatures, especially when in the garden. You can guarantee they’ll want to pee on almost every plant during their time outside, but they also like to sniff and chew too.

There are some plants in the garden that are very dangerous and toxic to dogs, so it’s important to make sure you don’t have any of those within reach of your dog.

The plants to avoid range from hydrangea, daphne and foxglove, to tomato, yew and wisteria. If you do have these in the garden, it’s best to remove them or create a barrier to ensure your dog can’t get to them!

Make it Fun

dog playing

When staying in the garden during the hotter parts of the day, your dog may get a little bored and want to play. There are some amazing products available that you can get to help cool your dog down whilst also providing them with loads of fun to distract them for a while.

One of the best things to invest in is a doggy paddling pool or an Intex above ground pool. Just like little kids, dogs love paddling pools and the water will really help to keep them refreshed and cool during the hot periods.

Similarly, you can buy cooling toys that they can play with for hours and keep cool at the same time. This will really help to burn a little energy for your dog too.

Increase Shade


Having plenty is really important to make sure your dog has somewhere to go to avoid the heat from the sun. Sunbathing is not something dogs enjoy to do (for long periods of time) nor should they, as they don't sweat like humans do so it can result in them getting heatstroke.

If you don't have much shade in your garden through the afternoon, look at introducing a parasol or covered area for them to retire to when the sun gets a little too much.

Keep Them Hydrated


If your dog is loving being outside and avoids going into the house, then you need to ensure they have plenty of water to keep them refreshed and hydrated. Keep their normal water bowl inside, but also add an extra bowl of water to the garden so that they have plenty to drink.

Make sure the water bowls are topped up frequently too, as it’s surprising how much dogs can go through when they’re warm. A great tip for dogs water during the summer is to add some ice cubes to the water.

This is perfect for keeping the water cool for much longer (plus it doubles up as a fun treat for them too!).

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