How to Get Rid of Midges With This Easy Tips

Are midges getting on your nerves? There is no need for you to hide under the bed. Be prepared to tackle the invasion. It’s time to stop dressing like an astronaut in your own home. Learn how to get rid of midges.


Midges detect the breath of carbon dioxide miles away and are attracted to undergrowth and dark conditions. In short, they are on another level of weird. Who gets attracted to carbon dioxide surely how grouse is that? Let me not be judgy monkey.


Moving on swiftly, we have discovered different methods you could use to get rid of these creatures. The traditional way will be to kill one midge with a precision shot of the forefinger without alerting the rest.

The rest will come to its funeral mourning the loss. Now you will have the opportunity of killing them in a group when they arrive. How easy right?

Products to Use to Eliminate Midges

Midge is a term used to refer to the hundred insects species that exist. They are small, annoying and come in large numbers and before I forget there are others with a painful bite that will leave you in tears. In this post, you will understand how to deal with them and the best ways you can eliminate them.

Below is a list of the best repellents, zappers, and traps that you can use to get rid of these annoying insects.

#1. Repel 100

Repel 100 is a DEET-based repellent recommended by the entomologists at the University of Florida. It is modern and efficient guaranteed to protect you from midges’ bites. There are positive customer feedbacks which suggest that repel 100 is efficient and last for about one and a half hours.

#2. Sawyer Products

Sawyer products premium has launched Permethrin clothing insect repellent that is affordable. It offers you protection for up to 6 weeks, and it is a versatile insect repellent ideal for camping and nature trails.

It also kills the insects, talk of a double edge sword. Permethrin clothing insect repellent has been in use for quite a while, and it is not going out the market anytime soon. It has permethrin which is an active ingredient.

#3. Bug Zappers

Bug zappers reduce the infestation of adult midges. The Dynatrap is a carbon dioxide insect trap known for its ability to lure the insects with the warmth of the light and the carbon dioxide odor.

After being lured, the insects are sucked into a tightly closed grid vacuum cleaner. The insect will die of dehydration in the particular compartment. It is that easy, and within two weeks you will have gotten rid of the midge menace.

Pro Tips to Use in Fighting Midges

Pest Control Products

Pest Control

Use pest control products to eliminate your midges menace. These products will help you in ensuring that they do not get into your house. Pest control products contain chemicals that are designed to eliminate insects.

You need to understand the content of these chemicals and how they are applied. However, you should be careful not to spray your eyes or to any other part of your body. These products may be harmful to your body or to your pets.

There are also traps used to capture midges in large numbers and kill them afterward. It is up to you to select the right products to use in catching them.

Get the pest control starter kit and get the work done. You can do this on your own if you do not want to incur expenses of hiring someone else.

Destroy Their Breeding Environment

First, you will have to spot midges' breeding grounds. After spotting their breeding areas kill both the larvae and the adults.

You can use the methods employed in destroying mosquitoes’ breeding grounds. Ensure that you scatter everything and that no larva is left because these larvae will develop into adults carry on to breed and you will never have peace.

Remove the bushes near your house and drain stagnant water. Wreck their home so that they can shift elsewhere or simply die on the spot.

Close All Water Containers in Your House

Water Container

Ensure that you close all open water containers. Get rid of stagnant water near your home because they can be used as insects’ incubators.

Stagnant water offers them the environment they need to lay their eggs and grow. I know most people and gardening involves the use of containers and water.

The planting containers can be used as incubators to the midges, and they can form excellent breeding environment. The garden containers most especially should be closed and opened only when they are in use.

Use of B.T.I in Water Reservoirs

Water Reservoirs

As for the ponds, another water tanks use B.T. I (Bacillus thuringitesis subsp. Israelensis). It is a proven water treatment method and can be purchased at local hardware or garden stores.

As for the pools, it is required that you change the water at least once in a week and add B.T.I as you do this. Refer to this video to understand how to apply this treatment to your pool or any stagnant water.

It is a step to step guide that will show you how to use this treatment in the most proper way. Learn how to protect your pools from the invasion by using this treatment. The tutorial will guide you and answer any question.

Use of Yellow Light

Yellow Light

Switch the lights to a yellowish light on the pouch to get rid of midges. The bright light attracts midges, and that is why traps are made using these lights.

Switch to a yellow light, and you will be safe from these creatures. This is a decision that you should make as soon as possible and watch as the fourteen days’ work magic. You will have won the battle, and the midges will not be guests at your house.

Use a yellow light at your home and they will flee immediately.

Look at the video for a more visual impression on ways of getting rid of midges.


Every season is a season to enjoy and not to worry about annoying insects. The wait is over we have now discovered methods that are easy to use in combating these insects. We do not have to wear a space suit or hide.

Take control of your homestead and be in charge of what is around you. Block all the entrances and use what they despise as your weapon to attack. Do not wait until you are attacked, attack them instead.

Check out the products listed in the article, review the methods used and the pro tips to fight a winning battle.

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