How To Grow An Indoor Moss Garden

If you ever peruse Pinterest or have walked through any trendy coffee shop lately, you have undoubtedly seen these popular living art home accents. These have become increasingly widespread due to how easy they are to grow and maintain.


Many people are deciding what to put in these beautiful bowls - a popular choice is to grow moss. An indoor moss garden is a popular accent piece for any room in your home and can add life and style to any room.

You can add everything from succulents to air plants in your little eco-system. Many people choose to grow moss in theirs as it is incredibly easy to maintain, looks great and is an excellent accent. While you can buy moss, even faux moss, it is quite easy to grow and therefore, many people prefer to create this part on their own.


You may be thinking that growing plants can be a hard task, but not when it comes to moss. This is one of the easier plants to grow and can even be a weekend project you take on as a family. If you follow our easy steps, you’ll be able to start your own indoor moss garden in no time.

You can find premade mini moss gardens in almost any local floral shop. If you are looking to get a bit more creative, but don’t want to buy every individual item, you can indulge in a terrarium kit. These are ideal as they come with all the materials you need but still allows you to personalize your garden to be your own.

For the most creative of people, those who have more of a knack for gardening, you can buy all your materials independently and have full control over making your garden exactly what you like.


Step 1: Find The Perfect Container

container gardening

If you enjoy shopping you will love this part. You can find your ideal pot in many different areas. The most common is local plants and floral shop. You may want to also search antique stores or your local craft store for this since they’ll have more variety of containers.

Your pot could range from anything from marble to a clear dish and even a ceramic bowl. This is when you can let your creativity run wild. You can choose to have a hanging container or a larger one that acts as a centerpiece. Your boundaries are virtually limitless.

For the purpose of growing moss, many people prefer containers that are wider rather than higher. This is because of the way moss grows as more of a surface plant rather than one that stands tall.

Step 2: Lining Your Terrarium


It is likely that your natural instincts will be to line the bottom of your container with some dirt and then to simply lay some moss on top to this. While this is common, it is not the most efficient way to grow your terrarium.

Instead, gathering some pebbles and layering them to be about an inch deep will prove to be quite useful. Place these at the base of your container, lining the bottom fully with these pebbles.

These are incredibly useful as they act as a natural irrigation for your plant. In the event of overwatering, the water will sit in the pebbles rather than drowning your plant.

This is great for those new to gardening as it will help your plant to be more resilient. If you use a clear container, you’ll also be able to see how much water the plant needs.

Step 3: Lay Your Soil


After you have laid your pebbles, it is time to add your soil. As these plants are designed to be quite small, you will not need to buy a large amount of soil.

Typically, a layer of about 2 inches of potting soil will be plenty to create the ideal bed for your moss to grow and flourish.

For the best results, we suggest adding a layer of granulated charcoal underneath the soil.

Step 4: Moss

moss garden

Finally, we come to the main attraction. Now that you have the base perfectly laid out, you can add the layer of moss. We suggest spritzing the dirt with water before placing it down.

You’ll want to make sure the moss takes to the soil. This can be done by flattening it down gently with your fingers.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Garden

a moss garden

Enjoying your plant is the fun part! As with outdoor gardens, you will likely feel a surge of pride in your new flourishing decoration. The moss will sprout relatively quickly allowing your terrarium to look full in no time.

Once you have your garden looking how you want all that is left to do is provide some much needed TLC.

Where to Get Supplies

moss supplies

As these gardens are increasing in popularity you will likely be able to find all you need with ease. Your local lawn and garden center will have everything you need to start and complete this project.

Lots of places even sell pre-made kits online making this project as simple as possible. A perfect project for beginner gardeners, these can often be built at a relatively affordable price point.

Care And Maintenance

moss care

Even though growing moss isn’t difficult, there are a few things you should know for long term care. You will want to keep your plant away from direct sunlight as it can easily dry out. Moss grows best in damp cool and dark environments, that is why you so often find it in shaded areas of your garden or on tree trunks.

Ideally, moss wants to have around 2 hours of sunlight a day. The moss is great for people who want a great accent piece that doesn’t require excess time and energy to care for. You’ll need to keep it watered which simply means spraying the moss with a bottle full of water.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the perfect way to accent your home, an indoor moss garden is a great way to do this. It can be done with minimal effort and can even become a fun family activity.

You will also find that this garden doesn’t require advanced skills, making it a great project for beginners and children. Simply keep the moss moist and out of direct sunlight and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning, living piece of art for your home.

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