How to Grow Peonies

From their beautiful coloring to the elegant style, Peonies make a gorgeous addition to any garden. With May being the flowering season of the Peony, now is the time to introduce this lovely plant to your garden and enjoy its beauty for many, many years to come.


Just like many plants, there are certain things to take into consideration to ensure your Peonies grow properly. Most importantly, that they last and continue to flower over the coming years.

Master The Planting Depth


When you sow your seeds, it’s important to get the depth of the seed just right, especially when it comes to the Peony. If you plant too deeply, you’ll find that you may have a flowerless arrangement, which will mean no beautiful flowers for you to enjoy in your garden during that season.

It’s recommended that you plant your Peony seeds no more than an inch below the soil, to ensure they flower properly. This is because not only will they need little space in order to bloom, but they require the cold temperatures during the winter to know when it’s time for them to grow.

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Feed and Water Cautiously


Your main aim when planting Peonies is to have a strong, successful flowering season .In order to achieve this, you need to feed and water your plants frequently and at the right times. Start the autumn before you expect your Peonies to flower, adding some fertilizer to the soil too.

This will help to encourage their growth and keep them progressing properly. Be sure to only water your Peonies when the soil is dry. However, as you can over-water a Peony and this could have a negative impact on their growth.

Careful Positioning

peony flowers

Peonies require plenty of sunlight in order to properly grow and flower. The more sun that your Peonies receive, the better the plant you will have.

So it’s important to choose the positioning of your Peonies carefully. Make sure you place them somewhere that they will receive at least 5-6 hours of sun throughout the day, to really get the most out of the seeds.

Maintain Them Properly

maintaining peonies

For many people, once the beautiful flowers start to bloom, they think that their work here is done. But that isn’t quite the case. Once your Peonies begin to flower it’s important to stay on top of maintaining the flowers, deadheading any that start to wilt or lose color.

By deadheading the flowers that have wilted, you can ensure the rest of your Peonies stay strong, keeping the area looking bright and fresh without any withering plants getting in the way of a gorgeous display.

Take A Little Time


Throughout the growing stage, your Peonies will need time to mature, which will require a little patience on your part. It’s so exciting when you have plants due to bloom. But it’s important to remember to give them the time they need and remember that time is required for a strong floral display.

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