How To Grow Scarlet Sage Flowers – Useful Tips

Scarlet Sage is a beautiful spring plant that is part of the mint family, and it is the only sage plant with beautiful red flowers. The seeds you will need are called Scarlet Sage seed/scarlet salvia (Salvia Coccinea). Your seed provider will know exactly what you need.


Scarlet Sage is not difficult to grow. In some parts of the United States, like St. Louis, MO, they are an annual. However, this lovely flower is native to Brazil.



Scarlet Salvia is technically an herb. It is not dangerous to pets or wildlife. The tubular flowers are a magnet for Hummingbirds and other species. They also attract butterflies so they are often planted in butterfly gardens.

Do not assume that Scarlet Sage is an herb that humans should consume. Making tea from the hairy leaves often upsets the stomach and gastric system in people. Enjoy the beauty and the wildlife it attracts, but do not assume it is good for you.

There have been various studies that provide information on the medicinal use of the bark and leaves of the plant as healing properties. You should research carefully before you conclude that this plant is something you are willing to use. Consult your doctor before using this or any herb as a remedy for any condition.

Growing Scarlet Sage

growing scarlet sage

Plant your Scarlet Sage in an area that gets a lot of direct sun:

While the plants will grow in partial sunlight, the flowers will grow much bigger in the direct sun. For the largest and most beautiful blossoms, go with direct sunlight. However, it is worth noting that this plant grows well in cooler temperatures and partial sunlight. The size of the plant will vary, but it will still be a beautiful addition to any garden.

Well-drained soi: Scarlet Sage needs warm soil to grow. When the seeds are planted, they are gently pressed into the soil. The seeds need sunshine to germinate, This is why we do not want too much water standing in the pot, keeping the soil too cool.

Loamy Soil: Loamy soil is a planting soil that contrails clay, sand, and hummus (silt can be used instead of humans.) You can also use rocky soil, or any soil the drains well.

Caring for your Scarlet Sage plants

caring scarlet sage

Scarlet Sage is a fast-growing plant. This is why it is often chosen as a bedding or edging plant. It grows well in cooler climates, but do not plant it until you are sure you are past frost in your area.

If you want the flowers to be large, pinch off flower spikes in spent blooms. You will find the bright red flowers grow on 10” spikes. This makes for a very impressive large, and bright flowering bloom.


The Scarlet Sage is a beautiful plant and a compliment to any garden. It grows easily in a range of climates and conditions. The plant will return year after year.

If you can further questions about the Salvia coccinea, ask your seed vendor. He is highly trained and will be able to help you fill your yard with natures beauty.

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