How to Keep Rodents Out of The Garden Effectively

Whether you're growing carrots or watermelon in the backyard, you've likely spent a significant amount of time and energy in maintaining your garden.


Unfortunately, due to the vegetation that is present, the garden can easily attract different types of critters to your yard. If you want to keep rodents out of the garden and avoid damage, there are a few essential tips to follow.

1- Add a Fence


One of the most effective ways of keeping rodents out of the garden is to add a fence to prevent them from having access to the area.

With a quarter-inch of hardware cloth, you can create a fence by burying it 18 inches into the soil and angling it away from the garden. By adding the barrier, gophers won't be capable of accessing the garden by digging underground.

2- Remove Their Food Sources


Rodents won't be attracted to the garden if you remove all of their food sources. Avoid placing bird feeders in proximity to the garden, which can spill over and will feed critters in the area.

If you have bird seed on the property, keep it sealed in closed metal bins to ensure that rats or gophers can't chew through the material.

3- Keep the Area Sanitary

keep garden sanitary

If your yard is a mess, then you can expect to have rodents disturbing your garden. Keep garbage bins or trash cans in an area that isn't in proximity to the garden. You'll also need to hose the trash bins out to ensure that food or residue isn't left behind once they're empty.

If you host people in your backyard, immediately clean up food or beverages that are left out. Additionally, you'll need to seal your compost pile, which can also attract critters and are a source of food.

4- Hire Professionals

garden professionals

Although you may get rid of pests and rodents once you find them, it can be difficult to keep them away long-term in each season of the year. You'll need the help of professionals who use advanced equipment and products to protect your garden.

Hire pest control services and exterminators who are experienced in rodent control and securing the area and using the right protects that will work as deterrents. The pros can also return to the property every few weeks or months to maintain the setting with the products that are applied or used.

5- Eliminate Hiding Areas


It can be easy for rodents to find their way to your garden if there are areas where they can hide and have shelter. Eliminate nesting areas where the grass is tall or brush is present. Maintain the landscaping by trimming the bushes and cleaning up piles of leaves to ensure that rodents have nowhere to hide.

Rodents are one of the top threats to gardens and can destroy the area in minutes if it's easy to access. If you want to secure your vegetation and protect it throughout the year, there are several ways to keep wildlife and rodents away from your property.

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