How to Start a Garden on Your Condo Balcony

Contrary to popular belief, it's not necessary to have a yard to start a garden. Many condo dwellers grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits right on their balconies, even if they don't have much space.


If you have never taken care of a garden before, you might feel intimidated at the thought of starting one. The good news is that creating a condo balcony garden isn't that complicated. As long as you are willing to start small and maintain it daily, your garden will cultivate into a magnificent beauty.

Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can still create a simple garden on your condo balcony. Here's a guide on how to start a balcony garden from scratch.

1. Know About Your Condo's Gardening Policies


Before you start your garden preparation, make sure you have the right to create a garden on your condo balcony in the first place. Check the rules of the building where you rent your condo to see if balcony gardens are allowed.

If gardens are permitted in your condo building, see if there are any regulations to follow. For example, suspending plants on the balcony's railings could be forbidden due to the dangers involved.

2. Check Which Direction Your Balcony is Facing


Before choosing the plants that you will grow in your garden, you need to know how many hours of sunshine your condo balcony gets each day. Start by checking which direction your balcony is facing.

If your balcony is facing the south, you are in luck. Your condo balcony will probably receive direct sun all day long, which means you can grow plenty of plants that need a lot of sunlight. Just don't forget to keep them well-watered!

If you have an east-facing or west-facing balcony, your plants should get between 6 to 8 hours of sun each day. You can grow plants that need at least six hours of sun daily. If your balcony is facing the north, or if trees or other buildings are blocking the sun most of the time, look for low-light plants that can thrive in your small garden.

3. Decide What You Want to Grow


The amount of sunlight your balcony gets each day will help you determine what you could plant. In addition, the space that you have also mattered. Don't plant anything that is expected to grow tall and large if your balcony space is limited.

You should also think about your preferences. Would you like to grow only flowers? Would you like an herb garden? It's also possible to plant vegetables and fruits, but don't expect to grow enough food to meet all your needs.

4. Get Pots That Are Large Enough For Your Plants

plant pots

It's a good idea to start with only a few planter pots. As you gain experience, you could get more pots and add more plants to your balcony garden.

Keep in mind that the pots you choose should be large enough to allow your plants to grow. If there is no weight restriction to what you can put on your balcony, you can choose ceramic or terra cotta pots. If you need something lighter, go for plastic, fiberglass, or rice fiber pots.

5. Assemble Your Balcony Garden


When you have everything needed, it's time to plant and arrange your garden on your condo balcony. You can complement your space with patio furniture, outdoor cushions, and a few decorative items.

As you put the finishing touches to your garden preparation, you could consider covering the floor of your condo balcony to make it more appealing. Artificial grass tiles are perfect for this, as they look like natural grass. These balcony tiles are easy to install, maintain, and remove whenever you want to change the decor of your outdoor space.

6. Get Good Potting Soil And Fertilizer


If you want your plants to grow and thrive, you need to fill your pots with quality potting soil. Filling them with dirt that you find outside is not optimal. The unsuitable soil condition will prevent your balcony garden from thriving.

In addition, remember to use a good fertilizer on your plants regularly. Fertilizing will ensure the plants grow in a healthy, steady manner.

7. Get Plants Or Seeds


You can buy plants already grown from your local garden center. Alternatively, it's also possible to purchase seeds and grow your plants yourself.

Some condo owners enjoy growing plants from seeds because the journey can feel more gratifying. However, if you don't have the patience, go ahead and buy plants that are already fully grown.

8. Think About How You Will Water Your Plants


No matter what you decide to plant, your garden will need water. Think about how you will water your plants. Is there a source of water near your balcony? Will you have to fill a large watering can in your bathtub?

A popular idea is to grow your garden in self-watering planters. As the name implies, these planters will water themselves, even if you forget occasionally. These types of planters are also helpful if you are often spending time away from your condo.

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