How to Take Care of Your Indoor Garden When Moving

When planning to move from one area to another, there are many things you need to consider. Apart from packing and moving your belongings, there are several smaller tasks you cannot ignore.


One smaller task is taking care of your indoor garden when moving. If you have an in-house garden, there are several things you need to do to ensure your plants are well packed and moved. Whether it is a DIY move or engaged commercial movers, taking care of them is important.

Remember, you have spent months or years cultivating your beautiful indoor garden. So, when it comes to relocating, it does not mean you leave the garden behind.

Happily, with good planning and learning how to take care of the garden, you can safely move your in-house garden. Below are a few tips on how to take care of your indoor garden when moving

1. Decide What Goes and What Stays Behind


When it comes to moving your plants, the first thing to do is decide which plants you will move and which ones stay. In some cases, some trees may need to stay at your home.

After knowing the plants you need to move, you need to research how to pack and move them safely. For instance, do you engage professional movers such as NYC movers or do it yourself? If it is a DIY move, make sure you are ready with the right packing materials. Remember, some plants may need special packing supplies.

2. Decide the Right Season for Moving Your In-House Garden


To ensure your plants are safe and sound when moving, you must relocate them at the right season. For example, it might not be a good idea to relocate your indoor garden during summer.

The temperatures are very hot in the summer months, and the air is dry. Also, the sun is strong. But that does not mean you cannot move your in-house garden during summer. With extra precautions, you can move them.

For instance, the roots are very vulnerable when exposed to warmer weather. So, you need to be very careful when moving the indoor garden during the summer months.

3. Take Good Care of The Plants Before Moving


Whether you are moving your indoor garden during summer or winter, you need to take good care of the plants when relocating them. First, you need to know the right way to water your in-house plants.

For example, a dry plant will be a big shortcoming if it is a big move. Hence, before you dig up, you must give it a deep soak so that the water can penetrate the roots.

With that, the plants will have sufficient water to hold on to during the uprooting process. Hence, make sure to deep soak the plants regularly for weeks or months, leading to relocation. It might be a good idea to deep soak once a week to ensure the plants are healthier when moving them.

4. Make Sure You Replant As Soon As Possible After Moving


The next step is to make sure you replant your indoor plants as soon as you can after moving. This will help the plants to conserve energy and remain healthy.

You can move them in your car or move them in the moving truck. But if you are using the moving truck, ensure they are packed last and are the first ones to get off after arriving in the new home.

In addition, make sure you have set the ground ready in your new residence. If you do not have a place, you can dig a short-term trench to house the plant until the garden is prepared.

It is also good to water the temporary trench heavily before moving the plants into it. You can also mix wood chips with the soil to ensure the area retains moisture.

Cover them halfway with fresh soil after placing the plants into the trench. Then ensure you water the soil and allow it to soak. The last step is to fill the rest of the hole with soil. Do not forget to water the plants again.


When it comes to indoor plants, you need to be very prepared before moving them to a new place. This is because moving them is very risky. Also, some plants might not adapt well to the new environment. Again an abrupt change in temperature, light, or other conditions can affect them.

But since the indoor garden is part of your items to be moved, they have to be relocated with other things. By following the above tips, you will take care of your in-house plants when moving. Remember, it is always a good idea to engage professionals when moving.

This will ensure you are not stressed and they handle the major tasks. They will help you pack, disassemble the large furniture, move the big boxes, and unload the boxes.

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