How to Water Tomato Plants in Your Home Garden

If you are passionate about gardening, you must be growing a lot of vegetables, fruits, and flowering plants in your garden. If you are a seasoned gardener, you know how to take care of your tomato plant.


If not, there is nothing to worry. When you have just started on your gardening quest, it is natural to feel a little hesitant. People all around the world love tomato cultivation because this red, round fruit with numerous seeds are easy to grow and maintain.

You love to grow organic tomatoes because they’re used in plenty of cuisines. According to an article published on, it’s mentioned that growing tomatoes naturally in your home garden tastes the best. However, you need to water them carefully to get the best results:

Water Tomato Plants Slowly


Make sure that you water the tomatoes letting adequate time for the moisture to pervade the soil. That is because water lost in the process is nothing but a waste of your gardening efforts. Runaway moisture will remove the nutrients from the soil.

When you water the tomato plant, ensure that the moisture soaks at least five to six inches into the ground. Avoid flooding the plant. You need to water the tomatoes slowly so that the moisture seeps through the earth.

Water When the Plant Needs It


If you are wondering when to water tomatoes, we recommend doing so regularly, but when the plant needs it. You should water two times a day initially. Add that much water so that the soil is moistened. Avoid drowning the plant because the roots need to breathe. You can water early in the day if you want to use a bucket, hose or sprinkler.

Avoid watering during the night because low temperatures and moist soil would increase the possibilities of diseases in the plant. The best time to water tomatoes is during dawn because the plant gets enough time to absorb the moisture and start photosynthesis. Avoid watering during the night even if the tomato plants seem to wilt.

Water the Plant Stem and Roots


You should water the plant stem and not the leaves. You should water around the stem and not directly. It will help the plant’s roots to spread. If you want to water the leaves, do so during the early hours of the morning before sunrise. We recommend that you do not water the leaves or fruits to prevent plant diseases.

Mulch Properly

As far as mulching is concerned, it helps in moisture control and acts as a source of the plant nutrient. Mulching is the natural layering of hay, leaves, and pieces of pine cones, wood pieces, and husk.

Mulching will help in decaying over time, thus providing proper nourishment to the tomato plants. When you mulch well, you will not need to water regularly because the evaporate rate is significantly reduced. When you mulch, water the plants once instead of two or three times a day.


Try these watering tips to grow tomato plants in your garden. You will love to see the fruits growing red, juicy, and ripe.

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