How to Find the Right Hydroponics Equipment Suppliers in Less Than 5 Minutes

So, you want to know how to get a good hydroponics equipment supplier? To be able to answer that question, you’ll have to understand hydroponics on a deeper level.


Before we go too far, it’s important to know what hydroponics is. Hydroponics is the art of growing plants without using any soil. You get a water solution that is rich in all the nutrients that the plant needs and you grow the actual plant in many different media, such as sand, fiberglass and fired clay balls.

That said, there are lots of hydroponics categories out there, which depend on the medium in which the plants are grown. For example, aquaponics is the use of water as the medium, aeroponics is the use of air and so on.

How to Get Started


Here, you have a couple of choices. On the one hand, you could buy a kit. However, that could set you back quite a bit. On the other hand, you could buy equipment and create your own hydroponics kit.

This is where a good hydroponics supplier should be of help. You can get a cheap kit for less than $185 that handles eight plants. Depending on your budget, you could get even more. Ultimately, it all depends on you.

In terms of suppliers, there are many sites online where you can get a catalog of good suppliers. Of course, if you have a supplier from your local area, you could try them out. However, it’s always a good idea to choose from an online catalog because then you get to see reviews, different products and so on, all on the same platform and from the comfort of your home.

Another thing you should look out for is that the catalog you’re checking is trustworthy. It might seem like a good idea to check on Alibaba or Amazon, but you should note that there are sites that vet their suppliers a lot better than these two.

They check every supplier to make sure they’re legitimate and that they are selling high-quality products. Sites like wholesalehydroponics.ca, a Canadian hydroponics supplier, even offer their products at wholesale prices. They also show real customer reviews of the products so that you know what other people think of them.

Your Options


When it comes to growing your plants hydroponically, you have plenty of options. You could use the nutrient film technique, which involves streaming a thin layer of nutrient solution over the plant’s roots.

This is a very common method in many kits. Another popular method is the ebb and flow method, which involves flooding the roots of your plants temporarily and then allowing them to drain. The method you will probably find most interesting, by far, is having your plants suspended in the air and then spraying the roots on a regular basis.

This is the basic idea behind aeroponics. You could also try a drip system, which is quite common and comes with a few advantages of its own. The whole point is that you get lots of options and you never have to use dirt.

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