10 Essential Lawn Care Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have

Some people like doing yard work but the majority of people would rather spend time doing something else. No matter which category you fall into the task of taking care of your landscape pretty much comes down to you being equipped with 10 essential lawn care tools.


These tools will enable you to do most any type of yard work you need to be done to your home’s landscaping.

10 Most Essential Pieces of Lawn Care Equipment

Here is the yard care equipment that we recommend every homeowner have available to them.

1. Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower

Of course, the lawn mower is the king of the essential lawn care tools that you should have in your possession. The reason for that is if your lawns grass does not look good it does not matter how good everything else in your landscaping looks, the overall appearance of your landscape will not be appealing.

Your lawn mowers key function is to keep your grass cut to a healthy length. When grass is allowed to grow too much it can come in too thick and this results in unhealthy grass because the individual grass plants are not getting enough nutrition.

It may even cause areas to die and go bare. Cutting the grass too short is also a problem so adjust your lawn mower accordingly.

2. Lawn Sweeper

Lawn Sweeper

There are no more tedious landscaping tasks than raking up grass clippings or leaves. It is tiring on the arms and seems to take forever. If you asked a group of people which lawn care task they dreaded the most a majority would say raking.

But have no fear. A lawn care product called a lawn sweeper can come to your rescue. Lawn sweepers are wheeled devices that are either pushed or towed and they have a brush on the front of them that ‘sweeps’ grass clippings and leaves into the large size catch bin that is behind the wheels.

These can save anyone who owns one a lot of time and effort and will help keep any raking you have to do to a bare minimum.

3. Leaf Mulcher

Leaf Mulcher

Mulching can have huge benefits for any yard that it is done on. It is basically the process of chopping larger organic material into small bits of organic material that are then spread over the ground.

This mulched material will warm the soil to promote growth, feed the soil nutrients as the organic material decomposes and help the ground in the area retain moisture longer.

Leaf mulchers can be separate motorized machines that perform this function or some of the more sophisticated lawn mowers will have the ability to mulch leaves too.

4. Broadcast Spreader

Broadcast Spreader

Broadcast spreaders are one of the most versatile lawn care tools you will find. Sometimes they are even called ‘lawn feeders’ because that is what they do. They supply the nutritional intake your grass and the surrounding ground needs to promote vegetation growth in a healthy way.

These devices do such things as spread around new grass seed, spread around fertilizers and even help you add such beneficial ground nutrients as lime.

The material you place in them slowly drops down in the hopper storage area that is built into them and when it gets to the bottom it hits a spinning propeller type device that sends the material shooting out in a circle around the broadcast spreader.

5. Lawn Sprinkler

Lawn Sprinkler

There is nothing that will help keep your lawn looking better than watering it on a regular basis. Watering just seems to bring out the colors in your landscape and make it look healthier.

Rotary or ark sprinkler systems both work well at providing large areas of your lawn with the vital water it needs.

6. Hose Reel

Garden Hose Reel

Well, we just talked about watering your lawn with a sprinkler. The only problem with these devices is you will have to reel out a garden hose to them in order to get them the supply of water they need to work. Not to mention, there will be other areas of your yard you will water using the hose just itself.

You can roll your hose and carry it but that is not the best way. The best way to haul your house around and pull it out and then back in is with a hose reel. These devices can save you much time and effort when it comes to handling garden hoses.

7. Brush Cutter/String Trimmer

Brush Cutter

These are some of the most popular lawn care tools you can buy. They make the job of trimming and edging super easy to do. Brush cutter have a small gas or electric motor at the top of their long shaft that drives a rotary device located at the bottom of it.

The rotary device on the bottom has thick plastic cord that comes out of it. This thick plastic cord, when spun around at high speeds, does a nice job of whacking down weeds and exposing bare edges along walkways.

8. Lawn Dethatcher/Power Rake

Lawn Dethatcher

As time goes on in your yard grass clippings and other organic materials will start to collect down near the bottom of your grass and other plants. This condition can be unhealthy if this ‘ground thatch’ gets built up too much and then it will have to be removed.

This done either by hand or by a machine called a lawn dethatcher or a power rake.

9. Garden Sprayer

Garden Sprayer

Insects, weeds and lack of nutrients can wipe out your lawn, flowers and other plants that reside throughout your landscape. That is what makes a garden sprayer a very valuable piece of lawn equipment to own.

With this handy tool that can be worn on your back or handheld, you can do such things as spray fertilizers where they are needed, accurately spot kill plants and weeds and spray fruits and vegetables so the bugs don’t get them.

10. Edging Shears

Edging Shears

Edging shears are long shears that angle out like a golf club at the end. They are especially made for trimming grass and weeds around the edges of plant beds, stone tree beds and walkways. They enable you to do these jobs without the pain of constantly having to bend over for long periods of time as you work.

Think Outside the Box

How important are the yard tools listed here to have? Important enough that if you can’t afford to buy all of them, you may have to get creative in order to gain access to the use of them.

If you can’t afford to buy some of the yard care items on this list that aren’t used as much, you can always get together with your neighbors and exchange these items that the others don’t have.

Each of you can buy a more obscure piece of equipment on the list above and then loan it to the other neighbors when they need it.

That way all of you will have access to every one of these essential yard care tools that make taking care of your lawn so much easier.

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