5 Simple Ways to Make Your Backyard Perpetually Gorgeous

These days, you have nowhere else to go except, probably, the grocery and the bank. As the ongoing health crisis makes it unsafe and impossible to leave home for leisurely purposes, you only have your home to entertain you. You may be bored out of your mind, but it would be unwise to risk your health just so you can have a few minutes of fun.


If you have a backyard, congratulations. That means you can keep yourself busy with gardening projects and other home-improvement activities that will bring out your creative side. Aside from giving you a venue for artistic pursuits, gardening can also be your form of therapy and exercise.

To keep your backyard bustling with colors and life, try the tips below.

Keep a Sensible Rotation of Plant Varieties


Plant flowers, fruits, and vegetables according to the season and climate. This way, you know how you can best take care of them especially when they have similar needs in terms of hydration and nourishment.

Take note of the pH levels of the soil in your garden as well. Some plants thrive in acidic soil, and others are better off with alkaline-rich soil. Buy a soil pH test kit from a trusted garden-supply store, and make adjustments to your plant choices if necessary.

Try Sustainable Gardening Methods


Use organic compost especially if you’re growing fruits and vegetables. You don’t want to eat anything that’s been treated with pesticides and other chemicals that may harm your body. Use mulch to keep the soil moist.

Sustainable landscaping also means your gardening equipment should be energy efficient. That way, you won’t have to pay exorbitant amounts on electric bills. Use irrigation systems that help you conserve water as they try to hydrate your plants.

Keep Out Vermin, and Get Rid of Weeds


All the hard work you put into caring for your garden will be for naught if rodents and other pests keep attacking your precious plants. Use mesh wires or chicken wire to create a safety fence around your plants. Remove any possible item that will serve as the rodents’ food source or encourage them to build a home in your garden.

Trim overgrown branches to avoid accidents or injuries, and sweep fallen leaves so your garden doesn’t look unsightly. Weed your garden regularly so your plants are always pretty to look at. Aside from that, certain weeds release toxic chemicals and deprive your plants of the nutrients they need for nourishment, so it’s important to remove weeds.

Pay Attention to the Lighting


The aspect is important in determining where your plants should be placed and how much sun exposure they need. Vegetable gardens, for instance, need at least eight to ten hours of sunlight, so they should be planted where there they can get the most sunlight. Other plants may need less than four hours of sunlight, so they should be planted in shady areas.

Aside from natural lighting, you can play around with landscape lighting to increase your garden’s aesthetic value. This will also provide illumination at night, keeping you from tripping in case you feel like taking a midnight stroll.

Keep Your Gardening Tools in Perfect Condition


Don’t leave them lying around anywhere or allow them to accumulate soil. Keep them clean, and store them safely away from children to avoid accidents. Some tools need to be dried properly to avoid rusting, and some tools may need oil to keep their wooden parts shiny. Cutting and shearing tools should be sharpened regularly.

Patience Is a Virtue


The beauty and health of your garden are the result of your hard work and the perfect combination of natural elements. Making your garden look beautiful will not happen overnight, and you need to be consistent in your efforts to make your maintenance effective all year long.

Remember that a healthy garden will also give you an abundant and healthy yield of plants, and you can even sell your plants online to earn extra cash. That should give you additional motivation to be tenacious in your gardening methods.

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