How to Add a Stylish Look to Your Newly Manicured Garden?

A technique once reserved for larger country estates, ‘striped lawns’ are growing in popularity in minimalist, modern garden looks.


They may look like they can only be created by a senior groundsman but giving your lawn the striped look is surprisingly simple to do. You do not need to lay 2 different types of grass or turf; you do not need a fancy grass roller and you do not need a specialized mower. It is all due to the way the sun or light reflects off the grass that gives the image of these stripes, nothing else.

striped lawns

So, here’s how you do it!

Step 1

Make sure your mowers blades are in good shape; you will need them to be sharp, undamaged otherwise this effect will not be visually striking.

Step 2

If this is your first attempt at creating the striped look, you may want to make a quick sketch of your lawn and figure out how you intend to fill it with the stripes, making sure you use all the space and create lines with an even width.

Step 3

Though you do not need a specialized mower, if you have a mower with a fixed roller mount already, this will be extremely beneficial as it will bend the grass blades towards or away from you, making the stripes appear lighter or darker. If you do not have a mower with a fixed roller mount, you can use a simple grass roller to bend the blades with minimum effort.

Step 4

Start up your mower and mow around the perimeter first to make a space that you can turn in.

Step 5

Make the first stripe across your lawn by mowing a path in one direction.

Step 6

Turn the mower in the previously mowed perimeter area and mow a path in the opposite direction to the first path. Continue in this manner until all your lawn is striped.

It really is that simple!


  • For your first couple of attempts, stick to mowing straight lines until you become confident enough to create the effect without too much effort. We guarantee it will take less time than you think. After you have mastered that look, why not move on to creating diamonds, chess boards or even design your own patterns. Once you are confident enough, the designs are endless.
  • If your garden has trees or other obstacles, simply mow around them and mow the next path in a straight line to neaten up the rounded line. The same technique applies for most lawn patterns except the chequered or chess board look.
  • To create a more vivid pattern, set your mower to its maximum height setting; this will intensify the look as the longer grass will bend more easily and thus reflect light better.
  • When you have finished mowing, take your lawn roller and repeat the mowing technique across the pattern; this will create a more defined look.

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