5 Awesome Ways To Maximize Your Lawn Care Routine

Lawn care is so important in the pursuit of having a beautiful house. Taking care of your lawn can completely change how you view your home and even increase the value of your home. Putting in the little extra effort lawn care requires is almost always worth it in the end.


Finding a routine that works for you is the best way to keep up with your lawn care. A yard can quickly feel overwhelming if you have too much to take care of and no system of care that works in your schedule. Working out how to maximize your lawn care routine so that it works into your life is the best way to keep your lawn looking beautiful.

There are plenty of different systems for keeping your lawn looking great.

Finding that one lawn care professional works best for your yard and in your schedule can be fun and a great way to add some routine into your life. Here are a few awesome ways to maximize your lawn care routine.

1. Mow Your Lawn Regularly


Mowing is very important to maintaining your lawn. If you want to keep it from becoming overgrown and surrounded by weeds, you need to keep the grass mowed. However, if you mow too often, you run the risk of scalping your lawn and killing all of the grass.

If you live in a warmer climate, you might need to mow a bit more often than someone living in a colder place. Either way, picking a day of the week or month to mow and sticking to it is very important. Having a specific time of the week you mow will keep your lawn manicured without killing it.

Picking a day to mow can also just be the day you choose to do most of your lawn care. If you set aside a day to do all of your lawn care, it will help you stay on a reliable schedule that keeps your lawn looking beautiful. A mowing schedule is a perfect place to start your lawn care routine.

2. Manage The Weeds In Your Lawn


One of the quickest ways to make your lawn look better is to get all of the weeds out of your garden and off your sidewalk. If you have weeds growing around your home, it will never look as good as it could. Luckily, it is not hard to pull up the weeds and keep them gone.

There are plenty of natural weed killers that can quickly fix the weed problem in your yard. Spraying it as often as recommended is a great step to add to your routine. Natural weed killer allows you to keep your lawn manicured is an awesome way to keep from adding to the lawn waste problem while still keeping your lawn in great shape.

Plenty of natural weed killers can be made at your own home out of products you might already have around your home. Finding a few days out of your month to pull stubborn weeds and killing the rest with a natural killer will help keep your lawn manicured and beautiful. Weeds love a healthy lawn and the prettier your yard is the more you will need weed killer.

3. Keep Off the Grass


In every season, there is going to be something falling on your grass. There are leaves in the fall and grass clipping in the summer that cover your lawn. Anytime something falls on your grass, it obstructs the sunlight and can create dead spots.

If you are choosing to put something on the top of your grass such as a hammock or flower pots, then you know how quickly grass underneath things can die. Fallen leaves and debris can do the same thing just as quickly. Making sure to rake up everything that falls onto your lawn is so important to keep your grass alive.

There is never a reason to let your leaves sit out on your grass for several weeks. Especially if you are trying to keep your lawn looking beautiful. Never let anything sit on your grass unless you intend to leave it there and do not mind the grass beneath it dying.

4. Water Your Lawn Regularly


It is very important to make sure your lawn stays hydrated. Especially if you live in a particularly dry climate. Making sure your grass and flowers have the water they need will keep your lawn alive and lush.

Many people have trouble finding the time to water their full line. Especially because lawns do best if they are watered at specific times of day to keep the lawn from flooding. Installing a sprinkler system of some sort is a great way to make sure your yard is getting the water it needs without cutting into your schedule.

Plenty of people do water their own lawn. It can be a therapeutic way to begin or end the day and allow you to feel more connected to the beauty you are cultivating. If you can find a time of day to reliably water your lawn, then it could save you money on a sprinkler system and add a great step to your routine.

5. Aerate Your Lawn


Finally, aerating your lawn is a great way to make sure your grass is getting all the water and nutrients it needs to grow. It does not need to be a weekly or even a yearly process, but it should be done every few years. Aerating your lawn helps the roots of your grass to grow strong and makes sure the care you are putting into your grass is received.

Aerating just means poking small holes of varying depths all over your yard. This process can be done with something as simple and poking a fork into your lawn several times. There are also machines designed specifically for aerating that you can use if you want the job done a bit quicker.

The time to aerate is when your dirt becomes too close in texture. If you drive over your lawn or spend a lot of time outside, you might need to aerate a bit more often than someone who leaves their grass alone. Aerating your lawn will help your grass grow and make your whole lawn look much healthier.


The pursuit of a beautiful lawn is never a bad goal. Setting a sustainable routine for making sure your lawn is growing the best possible will help you get the lawn you want. Starting with a solid mowing schedule to keep your grass maintained but not bald is the best place to start.

Keeping your weeds done with regular pulling and spraying will make your lawn more manicured. You also should not leave anything on your grass whether it is a pile of leaves or a bike if you want to keep odd dead patches away.

Regular watering with either a sprinkler system or by hand will help make sure your grass is getting what it needs and give you a way to make sure you are doing the best you can for your landscaping.

Finally, you should aerate your lawn at least every two years. It will keep your dirt from becoming too compact and allow your grass to get the nutrients it needs. Those are just a few of the awesome ways you can maximize your lawn care routine.

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