Great Patio Options You Should Know About

Are you looking for ideas for your garden patio? You have many options out there, but we have put together a list of the top ones. If you want to find out what those options are, then continue to read on.


1. Split Level Patio


One of the best things you can do is add another level to your garden. This will create what's known as a split level patio. It's a good way to divide different areas of your property, such as your dining area from your sunbathing area.

Furthermore, a split level patio adds a great touch to your garden. Plus, you'll have more freedom in regards to how you want to arrange your floral. You don't have to worry about having your arrangements too close to your house.

2. Brick


Whether or not you can have brick material for your patio really depends on your patio's area shape. You can incorporate brick patterns if your area is circular. A good thing about brickwork pattern is it complements any type of garden.

Brickwork is a popular choice for many stuff, including driveways and garden patios. One of the main reasons is because bricks come in so many designs and colors. It's also very reliable an durable. If you're after a stylish look for your patio, then consider using bricks as your materials.

3. Mosaic


Patio designs are meant to impress people, and if you're wanting to impress everyone who visits you, then use mosaic tiles for your patio. Mosaic tiles can add an amazing touch to your area, and you can even have custom patterns created with these tiles. If you have a picture or symbol that is meaningful to you, then you can use these tiles to recreate it.

Do you have a favorite logo? How about a piece of artwork you're fond of? If so, then do something different by installing mosaic tiles that recreate your favorite logo or artwork.

4. Stone


Natural stone comes in many styles, including flagstone, quartz and yorkstone to name a few. The downside to natural stone is it can be expensive because it is mined and it usually needs to be shipped in.

The type of home design you have will play a major role in what type of natural stone you'll want to go for. For example, if your home has a lot of limestone used throughout its design, then consider using limestone to create your patio.

5. Poured Concrete


Poured concrete is very plain and it needs a lot of maintenance in order to maintain its appearance, otherwise it will become discolored and lose its appeal.

However, using poured concrete is very cheap when compared to other material options, but let's face it; Poured concrete won't catch people's attention when they are in your garden. If you're looking for a simple, affordable and functional option, then poured concrete is worth considering.

6. Rounded Patio


With this type of patio, a focal point can be created. You can use focal points such as fire pits or patio furniture (see more here: The choice is up to you.

A great thing about rounded patios is the design blends in well with your garden's background. Do bear in mind that how well it blends in depends on the area where the patio will go. Make sure you choose wisely.

7. Square Patios


This is one of the more common shapes for patios. It's also a very cost-effective design and it's very easy to get.

This type of design is ideal for those who like to host large gatherings such as parties or barbecues, or just get together with friends and relax in the garden. If you want a design that's functional and affordable, then look no further than a square patio.

8. Paved Slabs


This type of design can withstand extreme temperature changes and they have excellent longevity.

Paving slabs are basic in regards to design, but it's still a very cost-effective option and is one of the most durable options out there. Paved slabs don't offer much when it comes to versatility, but they are still worth looking into.

9. Free Form


Free-form patios come in so many different varieties, but they are known for their sweeping curves and different angles.

If you want to use something like mosaic tiles for your patio design, then consider combining that with a free-form design. A free form patio is also ideal if you are thinking about installing a swimming pool or a pond in your garden.

10. Mixed Design


If you want to incorporate several designs for your patio, then consider doing a mixture of materials such as concrete slabs or paving slabs.

Consider a round design for the center, and use mosaic tiles for the flooring. When it comes to options, you have no shortage of them, but don't incorporate more than five different designs unless you are certain it will blend together well.

No matter what type of patio you choose, stay warm this winter with a patio heater.

We recommend comparing all of your options in more depth. Weigh the pros and cons, as well as the costs associated with each of the above options and then choose which one to do. With so many options out there, finding one you will love should be easy.

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