Perfect The Look Of Your Summer Lawn

Scorching heat and agitating environment might get on your nerves but coming home to a pleasant lawn can be a soothing remedy for a hot day. Get a brand new look for a lawn this summer season and follow a few lawn care tips to fight the heat spell.


Some eco-friendly methods can help enhance the appearance of your lawn which will add to the beauty of your home. Here are some easy ways to save you a troublesome revamp. So roll up your sleeves to get your summer lawn on point!

Don’t Let The Green Fade

summer lawn

The summer heat is taking away all the moisture from the lush grass? It is time to deeply water that green bed! Water thoroughly yet infrequently for deeper roots. In the hot weather, deep roots allow your lawn to stay vigorous. Deep roots pull water from deeper depths helping the grass stay cool and hydrated during the summer heat spell.

Turn your sprinklers on early morning, ideally between 4 am and 10 am. This gives soil enough time to soak the moisture before the water evaporates from heat during peak daytime. The turf is supposed to dry off completely before the evening as wet soil is a breeding bed for fungus.

Some moisture may be lost due to evaporation during hot sunny days but excessive watering is not a solution for this. Disease pressure is most high during hot and humid days, during which watering should be avoided.

Automatic sprinklers can be timed or manual watering can be done which should be stopped at least half an hour before sunset. This will give time for grass to dry before night falls upon your lawn.

Shallow roots will not allow your lawn to hydrate during the sunny days. Since the roots will not be able to suck enough water, this water shortage can lead to insect infiltration, disease attack, and brown spots. When the roots are unable to cope up with the requirements of long summer days, it can leave your lawn looking withered.

Peak daytime heat is unsuitable for mowing. It is preferable to mow your lawn either in early morning or early evening. Tall blades of the mower help grass to bear the heat better, therefore mower should be set 3 inches or more. One-third of the length of grass should be mowed.

Summer is the peak growth-friendly season. Therefore, fertilizing grass in the warm weather triggers the growth of new grass and makes it greener. Any maintenance activity of weed control or seeding should be held off until early fall.

To set the scene for a beautiful summer, protecting your lawn’s greenery is essential. The lush green grass, glowing under the sun, will make your lawn shine throughout the season.

Colors Of Summer

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You can add some party to your lawn with yellow splashed, bright orange petals of Sneezeweed. During the dog days, this long-blooming and hot colored perennial will live up the summer days of August till early October.

A Firetail Fleece can add a pop of hot color to your planting range. This sturdy perennial can last until the first frost, blooming all the way from June.

German Garlic is a globe-shaped, lavender flower made to thrive for years if planted in areas with full sun. What better than adding it to your sun-kissed summer lawn?

The Large Coneflower, with yellow petals circling dark brown cones, will emerge tall on approximately 6 feet long stems in June and July. So what better to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your summer plants?

June is the month for Dahlia lovers. You can pick your favorite shade ranging from creamy beige to peachy blush and plant these dinner-plate-sized flowers which will last until winter.

The lilac spikes of Culver’s root will emerge beautifully under the sunlight through July and August.

Manage the Waste

garden waste

Keeping the grass green and planting the right trees are not the only things to assure your lawn’s maintenance. Getting rid of fallen twigs and leaves, shredding overgrown branches and shrubs, are also important to keep your lawn prim and proper.

You may want to invest in a less noisy, sharp-bladed, powerful and best garden shredder to clean and manage the green waste.

Container Gardening

flower pots

You can make your lawn more interesting by placing some vibrant containers in colors including red, yellow, orange, blue, pink, purple and various others. Pots and tubs may add visual appeal to your lawn but these colorful containers can be useful for planting herbs, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

These will bring versatility to your lawn and can either be set in a group, placed in pairs or alternatively along the boundary of the lawn or in a dedicated space or corner. However, it is important to know the right size of the container according to the plant which has to be grown in it. Making drainage holes is necessary to prevent waterlogging.

Keep It Cool

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Building a small pond right in the center of your lawn, placing a small fountain, pool, or a small portable water feature can add a cool feeling to your luscious lawn with soothing sound of flowing water.

You can add more serenity to your water feature by throwing in some flower heads to float naturally in the pond, pool, or fountain.

Make It Holiday Friendly

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Summer holidays mean countless outdoor activities, hosting a barbecue for friends and family, and endless hours of play for kids. Placing a swing set, which kids will not want to get off all summer long, can add a playful feel to your lawn.

A set of lawn table and chairs, under an umbrella or shade, can create a comfortable environment to sit, chat, sip on your favorite summer drinks and munch on your scrumptious summer snacks.

Perfect Lawn For A Perfect Summer

perfect lawn

Changing seasons bring in their respective challenges. Maintaining a healthy lawn requires extra care as demanded by the weather. Managing the condition of grass, ensuring the plantation of seasonal flowers, and making effective use of the space will increase the functionality of your lawn while making it more attractive.

So this Summer makes your lawn stand out on the block and steal some stares from the neighbors. Read a book in the relaxing environment, peacefully listen to a podcast, let the kids play around or gather friends and family, minor upgrades and improvements to your lawn will let you enjoy a perfect summer!

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